T-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts

Do you sew?  These are so cute!  And easy.  Use some stitch witchery, or steam a seam, etc and cut it out just a bit smaller than your applique.  Apply to your -shirt.  Stitch.  That's it.  With each washing, the edges will fray and create this cute vintage look.  I'm having fun designing new things all the time...here's a few that are now at Harvest Moon Coffeehouse in Canal Winchester.  Grab one while you can! Happy little pumpkin


Bats in the belfrey

Tweet!  Tweet!

My owls have been really popular.  Expect to see more of this one - I have always had a thing for owls.  I'll be doing this on a quilt pattern I"m working on...

Gotta have a cupcake in there!

And I'm so happy to report...I know have INTERNET access!!  Yeah!  Yeah in that I have access.  Boo, in that it is expensive so please, go to my etsy site, buy a few shirts so I can keep blogging!  My dial up just wasn't doing it and it was getting really old running into town all the time to use the wifi.

And because I know have internet, I have very slowly started to get my dot.com working.  So, pop over and take a peek.  I don't have a lot going on over there but I do have some things loaded in the shop.  I hope to work on it more later, ahem, this year.

Don't forget, I'm still looking for ideas for our Frankenstein's Laboratory.  (see previous post).  I have some goodies for someone - we'll choose a random person from the comments and mail out our Halloween package to you.  Comments will close Oct 21st so bring 'em on!

Happy Hump day!