Some days we just step over random blessings

I'm not really sure why most days, I don't take full advantage of what I've been given. I seem to just over look all these random blessings in my path. Are they really that random? I mean, God knows what He wants for us, right? I just seem to trip over them from time to time and mostly, pay no attention. I'm too busy packing lunches, making dinners, washing clothes, signing homework, responding to email, trying to pick up the house, running here, running there and I just don't see it.

Today, on my way to work, I was just daydreaming really. Staring off into the red taillights in front of me as we were stopped to get on the highway and this is what I saw reflected back.

Funny, huh?!

See, I was daydreaming about the things that I sometimes move too fast to really enjoy. Like this morning.

One of the peas lost a tooth last night. This photo is actually an old one. But the tooth fairy last night dropped a load of fairy dust all over her bedside stand. And her bed pillow. And her sheets. And all over her hair and  some on her nose even.

Pea squealed with delight when she saw all of that and a pack of gum in her tooth bag.

Only it was 8am. And the bus comes at 8:20am.

And I had to get orders packaged. And I had to finish sewing 2 shirts. And I had to go to the post office. And then to work.

And I don't think I enjoyed the moment as much as I wished I had.

Random blessings. A delightful little girl losing her tooth - still delightfully believing in the tooth fairy. What a...delight. Truly.

So I was daydreaming on my way to work. Lost in those taillights. Thinking about what had transpired at home. And wishing I had a little more time to savor it.