So in Sew withdrawl...

I'm experiencing a little bit of "sewing withdrawl". See, I'm used to working under intense pressure, too many orders, deadlines and have heaping amounts of anxiety to get it all done.

But in my New Year's resolutions - I'm "scheduling" my work better.  Being more careful about the work I take on.  Trying NOT to drive my family crazy with my um, craziness.

SO, without all of that pressure - I'm kind of sewing at a slow steady pace.  Churning a little bit out at a time.  This.  That.  The other.  I'm even making myself...a jacket.  It might not be done until it snows again next year but at least I'm doing a few "me" projects that don't involve marketing, advertising and sales.  Ahhh...that feels nice.

Wanna see what I have been casually stitching on?

See?  That's like nothing.  I've got a few more things in the works...

Just gonna enjoy the slow ride while I can...oh yeah.  You got anything interesting going on in your sewing room?



You will have to speak up...

What's that you say?  I'm sorry.  Can't hear you over the whir of the sewing machine.  The giggles and screams of three kids.  The washing machine and dryer.  You will have to speak up... I've been a bit busy lately.  You know, the usual.  Filling orders like these and oh, yes, 18 aprons!  (Sorry no photos on those yet - they are off getting finished with Nova, my super accomplished wonderful seamstress helper).  Just the usual ho hum chaotic noise around here.....

WAIT!  No!  Not the usual!  I have some exciting news!

Hazel Hipster PatternSPROUTS!  Sprouts is finally here!

After a full year or so of designing pattern covers and kicking around which projects to pattern first - we have finally completed our first draft pattern from the Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs pattern line aptly called, "Sprouts".  (Sticking with the whole garden theme here...the gardener actually developed this name.  He's pretty good, isn't he?)

Sprouts, Pea sized projects you can complete in 3 hours or less.

Because really, who has more time than that?  And even at that - it'll take days, right?  As I type this now...I'm listening to the baby NOT take a nap and I'm thinking, there goes my tiny 2 hour block of time to do anything.  (she's quite skilled at pushing my sewing machine foot pedal while I'm not looking).

The Hazel Hipster.  Yep.  Here she is, in all her glory.

One of my friends from my twins club served as my "model" for the cover.  (Her Dad is also my accountant - he'll find some creative write off for me on this one I'm sure!)

I love, love, love this pattern because it is the FIRST purse I ever designed.  First purse I ever made.  And it is oh, so very simple.  The pattern is chock full of real life photos so you don't have to guess what I'm talking about - you can see it for yourself.  No line drawings or anything.  And the price.  Ya can't beat it.  Affordable.  And just think of all the bags you could make just in time for Christmas!  (Oh I see you out there rubbing your hands together!)

And you know what else is cool about it?  I made up a mini version so you can have matching Mommy and me bags.  The cute factor is just too much here!

Go quick before they are gone. And if you have any questions along the way as you sew - drop me a line at twopeasinapoddesigns at

There are a few giveaways going on with these patterns - you'll find them scattered about in blog land.  Keep checking back here - I'll keep updating the page at the top of my blog titled "Sprouts" - you'll find a growing list of blogs to visit where you might be able to win one of these Hazel Hipster patterns.

I have more SUPER exciting (ok, well for ME it's super exciting) news to share but I'll save that for next time.  I did mention, things were starting to go wonderfully around here.  I got into my first juried show.  Cool but that's not the big news.  Kind of bigger.  You'll just have to wander on back here later to find out!  (wink! and a head nod)

See ya soon,



Two Peas Sewing Bee

Loves fabric just like Momma... Ok ladies...pull up a chair, warm up your machines, put your foot to the pedal!

Pink Fig's Twirl Skirt pattern - this is one I made for one of the peas from Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom print

Join in on the "Two Peas Sewing Bee"!  We've been having some fun and I wanted to share a little of what we have been stitching away in our Sewing Bee...

Almost done...

My dear friend and neighbor, Barb, has this awesome craft room in her house.  A separate entrance, loads of great lighting, plenty of space and tables - she typically teaches a stamp class there.  She's a Stampin Up sales rep.  I've been leasing her space from her to teach my sewing classes.  Most everyone in the class is a beginner, some a bit more advanced than others, and our first class we made a whole bevy of projects for beginners.

A tissue pack cover.  A lanyard.  Val Wells petal pouches.  And a little wallet, also by Val Wells.

Apple harvest time!  This print from Timeless Treasures - so adorable for fall!

Our second class, we tackled applique shirts and the twirl skirt by Chelsea Anderson of Pink Fig.

Beth and Kim - you rock!  What great seamstresses!

There is a designer in all of you!  I loved the fabrics that everyone choose.  So dang cute!

AND next, in November, I'll be offering an all day "Santa's Workshop" sewing bee.  We will be tackling 3 projects in one day!

Love this new fabric!

And it's reversible!

We will be making an apron, like the one seen here on me (this one is a take on one of the aprons from my husbands grandmother - you can see this apron on "jane" up at Harvest Moon.  I gave it to her in honor of the awesome cinnamon rolls and bagels she whips up daily).

Project 2 will be a patchwork pillow.

And number 3, a quilted table runner.

All great projects for gifts at Christmas.  The pillows and table runners can be made with all kinds of manly fabrics for a boys room or a brother or Dad might like a nice throw pillow for their couch.  Or some frilly fancy fabrics for a sister.

Anyway, lunch will be provided as well as some of the materials.  I'll have more details later so if you are interested in one of the seats - let me know asap!

Happy Sewing all!



PS  Just added the class to our schedule.  Santa's Workshop Sewing Bee will be on November 14th - all day, 9am - 5pm.  $125 per person with a $20 discount for early birds who register by November 1st.  Just email me at twopeasinapoddesigns at gmail dot com

T-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts

Do you sew?  These are so cute!  And easy.  Use some stitch witchery, or steam a seam, etc and cut it out just a bit smaller than your applique.  Apply to your -shirt.  Stitch.  That's it.  With each washing, the edges will fray and create this cute vintage look.  I'm having fun designing new things all the's a few that are now at Harvest Moon Coffeehouse in Canal Winchester.  Grab one while you can! Happy little pumpkin


Bats in the belfrey

Tweet!  Tweet!

My owls have been really popular.  Expect to see more of this one - I have always had a thing for owls.  I'll be doing this on a quilt pattern I"m working on...

Gotta have a cupcake in there!

And I'm so happy to report...I know have INTERNET access!!  Yeah!  Yeah in that I have access.  Boo, in that it is expensive so please, go to my etsy site, buy a few shirts so I can keep blogging!  My dial up just wasn't doing it and it was getting really old running into town all the time to use the wifi.

And because I know have internet, I have very slowly started to get my working.  So, pop over and take a peek.  I don't have a lot going on over there but I do have some things loaded in the shop.  I hope to work on it more later, ahem, this year.

Don't forget, I'm still looking for ideas for our Frankenstein's Laboratory.  (see previous post).  I have some goodies for someone - we'll choose a random person from the comments and mail out our Halloween package to you.  Comments will close Oct 21st so bring 'em on!

Happy Hump day!



Work hard to play hard...

I'm having one of those months.  One of those months in which I am literally chained to my sewing machine.  I'm not sure I could possibly show you the shear amount of STUFF coming out of the Two Peas studio lately.  It's a lot. Like a bazillion key fobs and wristlets and bags and t-shirts.  Ohhh, t-shirts.  Which is what I really need to be doing right now.  I have 3 shows coming up AND we have some serious fun planned for this weekend.  I have GOT to have everything done and out the door so I can relax a bit.  I can not wait!  Seriously.  Can. Not. Wait.  Somebody.  Unplug.  My.  Iron.  I'm just about done!

I said I shared with you some of the other little outfits I had made for my girls for school and here's a few.

3 tiered skirt in Anna Maria Horner Good Folks.  I love this print!

This peas request was for a "Rock Star" shirt.

The skirt and pants pattern is Simplicity 4206, Sewing Pattern for Dummies.  And let me tell you, it is seriously extremely easy, very few instructions / steps and really quick.  I think they turned out cute.  I added the ruffle to the bottom of the pants and I added bias tape to the hem of the skirt.  But if you want an easy quick pattern, this is it!  Loved it.

Wish I had more time to share all of the other goodies going on here but I just don't!

I will leave you with a fun quick tutorial though!  I started teaching my series of sewing classes, my very own Two Peas Sewing Bee...and one of the projects we made was a lanyard.

So's what you need:  key ring and lobster claw clip to hold a key and your id badge.  I found these in the jewelery supply section of JoAnn Fabrics.

Great for teachers, nurses - anybody who needs a lanyard!  And so easy!

Cut one strip of fabric 2" x 32".  Now, if you want it longer - add a few inches to the length, maybe 34" or 36".  Press wrong sides together in half.  Then open it back up.  Press wrong sides together each half to the center creating your own piece of bias tape.  Again, press.  Make sense?

Sew down each side of this strip.  Then add your key ring to one end and your clip to the other end.  You want to make sure your strap is straight and then fold your ends over your hardware towards the center about 1 inch.  Bring your ends together, lining up your raw edges of each end so that they are even.  Your raw edges are now folded to the inside.  Sew, following your side seams, down each seam, across just above your raw edges so that you have sewn a square and completely encased your hardware and hidden your raw edges.  That's it!  That's all there is to making a cute little lanyard!  So easy, start to finish, 15 minutes!

OK...I SO have to get back to my machine and work on shirts!  Have fun making lanyards!



I want to be like Oprah

OK... it's not that I'm a big Oprah fan or anything but what I mean by that is her philanthropy.  I've often thought, selfishly so, how cool would it be to have that kind of money to give away?  She changes so many lives with her charities yet she receives so much in the pleasure of being able to do so.  The old saying, "it's better to give than to receive" - it's so true, isn't it? Made this long ago for my friend Jen who LOVES cherries!

I think it's that way with handmade things too.  I mean, selfishly, I love LOVE LOOVVEE to give handmade gifts and love to make things for my business because I put so much effort into the design and creation of each item.  I LOVE it when someone receives it and they are just thrilled with it.  I get so much out of giving and making for people that it is quite an addiction.  Is that selfish?  Sometimes I think it is.  Do you feel this way too about creating for others?  It feels so good - it's such a joy, isn't it?

But this morning, on my way to work, I was listening to the radio - I typically listen to our local christian station, 104.9 the river, and started thinking about this whole philanthropy thing.  As the mother of 3, my ride in to work is typically the ONLY time I am ever alone.  I enjoy these rides to and from work because it gives me a chance to just think.

For my business, I have always said I wanted to do it in such a way that my business becomes a blessing.  Now, I know, in business - it should be all about business and forget any emotion.  Donald Trump didn't build an empire thinking what "good things" he could do for the world, just how to make himself a buck.   But come on ladies, don't we all want to feel like what we do somehow makes a difference?  Touches a life?  Leaves a legacy?  How can I do that in this industry?  In my day job, it's rather simple.  I work in higher education, I work in the environmental field and I get great satisfaction out of working with students to create these amazing futures that help to build a sustainable environment for us all.  Love it.  But how do I do that in other facets of my business life?

The Two Peas charity projectIn the past several summers, the two peas have used my scraps to cover journals and sold them at our local coffeehouse.  They got to keep $1 from each book they sold and donate the other $4 to a charity.  One year it was our local Children's Hospital, one year to a friend of theirs for her walk for JDRF and the other year it was St. Judes.  I loved these projects.  They learned so much from creating and giving and they learned how good it feels to give.

Lately, it seems like we have had our attention drawn to all kinds of kids and families who are in need.  We have a local boy, same age as the two peas, just diagnosed in August with Osteosarcoma.  I was sent a link for this little one who was shaken by his day care provider at 5 months of age.  A family from our twins club has been caring for their twins who came much too early, they have been in the hospital since their birth last November.  One of them got to come home about a month ago, the other is still in the NICU, spending almost the entire first year of life in the hospital.  Last week, I was asked to participate in a charity event for dEBra which is an organization for children with fragile skin.  I was thinking of these children as I was driving in this morning and saying prayers for them.

Not the best photo of me from my best angle but there's the prayer quilt for our pea

to outside the womb

But for the grace of God, I have three healthy children.  I am very blessed that I do not know the heartache and rollercoasters that go along with a sick child.  Not really.  When my littlest pea was in her 22nd week during my pregnancy, I was told she had markers for Downs Syndrome.  They wanted to do more testing but I refused.  I couldn't change it, nobody could change it.  We would love her no matter what the outcome.  She was added to our church prayer list and our pastor brought over a prayer quilt someone had made for her.  This quilt was at church and each person tied a knot on the quilt and said a prayer for her.  My hubby, the gardener, laid this quilt over me while I was in labor and it brought me immense peace to know that those "prayers" were on our little girl.  As soon as she was out, I asked if she was ok.  Our doctor said, "She is perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  I don't think she has downs".  It wasn't until her 2 month checkup when I tearily asked our doctor if she was really ok that she told me, I could stop worrying.  She was really doing just great and really was perfect.  What a blessing.

And so as I'm thinking about these kids, their families, my business I felt like God was telling me that if I wanted to add philanthropy to what I do that this was it.  As our business grows, I hope to be able to do more and more, but to start, I'm so excited to tell you that 5% of each trunk show will go to our local childrens hospital.

If you host a trunk show and you have a childrens charity, I will gladly work with you to donate your show's proceeds to your charity of choice, like JDRF or others for kids.  I feel like this is the time.  Even when we have such a "tight belt" at home, I feel like even this little bit can be such a big wonderful thing.  Especially now.  I encourage you to think about what "little bit" you can do too at this time.  If we all have just $5 or $10 to spare this month, share it with a charity because right now, they are being hit so hard with losses in income.  And they do so much good for those who are hurting.  But for the grace of God, I have three healthy children.  What little bit I can do, I will do and I hope you will join me in doing so.

Found these tanks at Old Navy and added the ruffles on to make a dress.  Turned out so cute!

Of course, I wanted to also share with you some of the excitement of the past week.  Back to school and wow, we were all excited.

Boo!  New shirts for Halloween!

The two peas really love school and our littlest pea surely enjoys having some time with just Mom or Dad.  The two peas were very excited to have me make them some back to school outfits.  I had a lot of fun making them.  I was like a little fairy...made the outfits after they went to bed and hung them in their room to see when they woke up.  They were so excited which is such a good feeling for me to know that their favorite outfits are something that I made.  See, that selfishness again.  I love making things for my girls!  Just love it!  I have a couple more I'll share with you later.

Hope your back to school week went well.  Did you make anything new?  Do share!

September is a super busy month.  I have two trunk shows - including the one charity event, and branching out to a kiosk at the Tuttle Mall the last weekend of the month.  I'll be quite busy and so I might be MIA a bit from the blog this month.  Keep in touch though!

Thanks for all your comments this last month.  I promised that our August giveaway winner would get a stash of fabric for making a pillowcase (how are you all doing on those by the way?) and KimH...thanks so much, you'll be receiving that stash soon.  The two peas are getting quite accustomed to pulling names out of a hat and think its fun to do each month!

I haven't yet decided what to do for about a back to school themed giveaway?  We gave our new teachers a lanyard and key fob and so I think we'll make that our giveaway this month.  Keep the comments coming in.  I love to hear from you!

Have a great week everyone!



Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway Day

Same design but the farmers market totes have less structure to them.  Love this print! Love those giveaways...and right now there is a HUGE, JuMbO, BIGGGGG giveaway going on over at Sew, Mama, Sew (an awesome little store on line!)

There are a bazillion, cuz that's a real number don't ya know, a kazillion other awesome folks doing giveaways RIGHT NOW! From May 27th through May 31st you can visit the big 'o' list of giveaway hosts and enter to win. How fun is that? Super fun!

Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs is participating and to go along with our garden theme and being kind to the environment, we are going to giveaway an appliqued t-shirt and a farmers market tote.

To win is easy! We want to know what your favorite fresh wholesome after school snack is. It should use fruits or veggies and not a lot of ingredients - something tasty and good for you and something that celebrates natures harvest. Leave your best snack idea in our comment section and the "two peas" will pick their favorite. (heh! heh! heh! This is my sneaky way of getting some new ideas on what to make them!)

We will ship internationally so all you Aussies out there and beyond, jump in the fun here! Your new tee and market tote will ship to you no later than June 3rd.

Click here to find the Sew, Mama, Sew for the full big daddy list of giveaway hosts.

Have fun! And don't forget - EVERY MONTH - I do giveaways here and all you have to do is a leave a comment. Joy!!

xoxo, Trish

{May Giveaway}

Just a quick note that I  have one of my applique shirts to giveaway this month.  You choose adult or kids size and your design.  All you have to do is leave a comment. Preferably something nice about how I'm not as stupid as I think I am for taking such a huge risk in spending oodles of dollars to produce designs that someone may or may not love and thinking that maybe someday, I could make a purse with my very own fabric.  Yeah, like something nice like that.  Or not.

Hey, do you recycle?  Here's a thought...between our composting and recycling, we generate ONE bag of trash per week.  Can the paperboard milk jugs be recycled?  How are you doing on reducing waste in your home?  Next month, June giveaway, a set of farmers market bags to go along with our recycling theme.  I make them from recycled material I get from the thrift store.

And this time, I mean it, I'm really not posting again until after market.  Today I just happen to be twiddling my thumbs until everything comes back from the printer and then work on my tonight.  New website launch VERY SOON!  Yea!  See ya later, and by later, I mean later, like next week-ish or so.

xoxo, Trish

Off we go....

This little new design will be holding my portfolio for me at Quilt Market.  I'm still working out the kinks on it so expect to see this bag for sale sometime next month with a bit more angle to the sides.  Love it though!  What do you think?  I think I'll call her "Charlie". OK, so I have barely touched my sewing machine in the last couple of weeks.  I have had meeting after meeting with my design team about my portfolio.  Picking out colors and getting things just, I have to confess.  I don't know what I'm doing.  This whole, "trying to be a textile designer" thing has my stomach in such knots.  I don't have a clue what I'm doing.  It's all one big guess.  I drew up some sketches, my wonderful girls - Sonya and Melinda (you girls ROCK!) managed this whole project, digitized my designs, and made me look way cool on paper.  Never in a million years could I have accomplished any of this without them.  And for as much as I have prayed about this process, about the path I am on - I have to believe I'm moving in the right direction.  Melinda goes to my church and we started chatting about this months ago and it has snowballed from there.  I just see God working in so many aspects of this journey and it's pretty darn amazing.  Whatever happens, happens.  I have faith that I'll be just where God wants me to be, what is best for our family.  But...I could sure use some prayers.  When I say my stomach has been in knots I mean like morning sickness anxiety crazy blah magnified like 20 times.  My heart is pounding the minute I wake up because I'm thinking about what I have to do that day for deadlines and orders and getting things out so I can make it to Quilt Market.  Very stressful.  Although, Thursday night before market, Carla (my husbands way wonderful Aunt who has been one of "the" buyers for a HUGE retailer for the last 25 years - she's been so supportive and calming for me) will be arriving early at our hotel and plan on a nice long relaxing meal out.  Rarely do I go anywhere without kids so I'm kind of looking forward to just a little night out.

This all started with Joan.  My friend Joan said, "you ought to do home parties" for my purse sales.  So she hosted a party for me at her house.  It went well and so it grew from there.  Then she introduced me to Jodi.  Jodi is another graphic designer guru who created my logo.  If you like my branding look, that is all thanks to Jodi.  She has this way of crawling in my head and getting just the right thing.  She designed my sewing pattern covers that will be out late this year.  She's awesome.  Then there is Suann - from Bows and Blossoms, who said I should look into this site and that site for website designs and hosting.  Saved me a ton of money (hopefully, I'll be launching the new site in the next week or two).  And there is Jill, one of my "best" customers who is turned into a great friend who shares retail therapy with me.  Barb who keeps me sane and lets my use her computer because "we only have dial up" at our house.  Crazy!  And Kris who helped push my business further too - and just has been a wonderful friend.  There have been so many wonderful people, friends, collegues and my sweet family - along the way that have helped push me along the path.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I love you guys - I am so grateful and incredibly blessed.  No matter what happens, I got friends and in the end, that's all that matters.  :>)  Ahhh...ok enough mush mush.

Adult tee

adult tee

caterpillar onesie

little birdie onesie

Just a few more shirt designs...the little onesies are $12.  Not up on etsy yet but eventually.  Email me if you're interested at  I HEART the little caterpillar one.  My girls are big on worms and the like so this is their favorite.

I'll hopefully have some positive things to report when I get back from Quilt Market.  I leave on Thursday.  I won't post again until after I get back.  Wish me luck!  I could sure use it.  I'll try to keep everyone posted on Twitter!

xoxoxo, Trish