Happy Harvest

In case you didn't already know, I love this time of year.  I love especially Halloween!  I love hosting parties and having campfires in the backyard and roasting marshmallows, and eating candy apples and drinking cider.  All of it.  I.  Love.  It.

How about you?  Love it?  Well, I was messing around with trying to create some kind of rustic handmade printable that maybe you could use...for a party invite, to accompany a little harvest gift to a friend, or maybe, if you have an etsy shop, to use as your thank you notes to your customers.  Anyway, I'm new at it.  So not sure that it will quite work out perfectly BUT...you can give it a go, right?

Click on the Happy Harvest Printable 2010 link to open the pdf document.

There you will find two different versions on one sheet.  You should be able to print them off, cut them down, and fold them to use as cards.  Your inside will be totally blank so if you're savvy, create a word doc to fit and then you can print on the inside if you'd like.

What might you use these for?  Let me know if they actually work for you!  I hope they do!  Have fun!



T-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts

Do you sew?  These are so cute!  And easy.  Use some stitch witchery, or steam a seam, etc and cut it out just a bit smaller than your applique.  Apply to your -shirt.  Stitch.  That's it.  With each washing, the edges will fray and create this cute vintage look.  I'm having fun designing new things all the time...here's a few that are now at Harvest Moon Coffeehouse in Canal Winchester.  Grab one while you can! Happy little pumpkin


Bats in the belfrey

Tweet!  Tweet!

My owls have been really popular.  Expect to see more of this one - I have always had a thing for owls.  I'll be doing this on a quilt pattern I"m working on...

Gotta have a cupcake in there!

And I'm so happy to report...I know have INTERNET access!!  Yeah!  Yeah in that I have access.  Boo, in that it is expensive so please, go to my etsy site, buy a few shirts so I can keep blogging!  My dial up just wasn't doing it and it was getting really old running into town all the time to use the wifi.

And because I know have internet, I have very slowly started to get my dot.com working.  So, pop over and take a peek.  I don't have a lot going on over there but I do have some things loaded in the shop.  I hope to work on it more later, ahem, this year.

Don't forget, I'm still looking for ideas for our Frankenstein's Laboratory.  (see previous post).  I have some goodies for someone - we'll choose a random person from the comments and mail out our Halloween package to you.  Comments will close Oct 21st so bring 'em on!

Happy Hump day!



Mooahhhhahahah! (insert evil laugh here)

Rats!  On top of my pantry... Did that spook ya?  My evil laugh and all?  It's a pretty good imitation, right?  I mean, I totally had ya thinking that like Count Dracula was right behind you didn't I?   OOooo!  I so love Halloween.  It is my FAV.OR.ITE holiday.  I just love it.  Love that it happens in the fall.  Love to think about Halloween costumes and what we'll put together.  Love the parties we have every year.  Love, LOVE, love LOVE LOVE it!!!

As a matter of fact, the day after halloween, I go out and scurry up anything that is left over in the store Plates, napkins, cute little trinkets for goodie bags and the like and I load them all up into my "Halloween Party" bin and put it back into storage.  Each year, I am all set with loads of fun stuff for our party and purchased at usually 75% off or more!  Mooahhhahahah (rubs hands together)  Love bargain shopping!

I love Frank and his springy legs

I have an entire Haunted Village.  You know how some people have Christmas Villages (ok, I confess.  I have one of those too - complete with skiers and snowboarders that move - you'll have to wait until Christmas for that post).  I have these villages that all make sound and have motion.  Well before the girls get home from school, I have those things cranked on.  And enjoy them I do - ohh!  So much fun!

And I love decorating around my antiques.  My old clock works perfect for Halloween decor don't ya think?  Complete with owl, black leaves, and rat of course!

A few years ago, I crafted some pillow covers for my couch.  I found some adorable festive fabrics.  Searched for this fringe trim in black over in the home dec section.

Love bats...I did some shirts like this too!

And then out of felt, I cut the shapes, used stitch witchery on them (because what else would you use at this time of year for applique with a name like that), and then did some decorative stitching on top.  Hello?!  Cute and so easy.  They are an envelope style.

Boo!  Can you see all the ghosts on this fabric?

That couldn't be easier.  Measure your pillow form size.  I add usually about an 1.5" to 2" to each side measurement.  Your front panel is one piece obviously.  Your back panel will be in two pieces.  You won't those pieces to overlap by about 3-4" so cut two pieces, accounting for seam allowances so you can create a nice clean hem on the edges, and cut them to fit for your rear panel.  Make sense.   That's all there is to it.  With right sides together, make sure your rear panel has your edges finished that will be exposed, and that they are overlapping enough, and stitch all the way around.

If you want to add trim like I did, you'll want to sandwich that inbetween your layers.  It will lay in this order, panel one, trim, and then panel two.

Detail...love the fringe - perfect halloween touch

I know, I know.  Not really the best instructions.  Go here for a real tutorial on how to make these style covers.  They could not be easier, seriously!

Got any good ideas for our "Frankensteins Laboratory"?  We did one a few years back and the girls have requested we do it again.  I set it up on the kitchen counter and use a big black garbage bag that is shredded to hide what is behind the bags.  We did grapes for eyeballs.  Spaghetti for brains.  And a wig for hair.  But I need some new ideas this year.  Help me out!

And for helping me out...drum roll please...I'm gonna send you one of Halloween treat bags!  Just a lightweight little tote a little one could use to collect their candy in or you could put a cute Halloween gift in it for someone, like me, who loves Halloween better than their birthday.  (hint! hint! I know my husband reads this and if you are reading this right now, I sure would love that new Wacom tablet we talked about....what a lovely Halloween gift that would be for your dear sweet hard working wife who adores you - is this thing on?  hello?  Did ya catch all that?)  Sorry about that diversion...he does secretly read.  He says he doesn't ever read my blog but then he'll blurt something out that I shared and I'll say, "ahh, so you DO read my blog".

Just a quick photo from my table top...but it's all yours and a few surprises inside.  Just help us out with Frankensteins Laboratory

Where was I?  Oh yes, help me out with some ideas for Franks Laboratory and the two peas will pick a favorite idea and we'll send you a bag - heck, maybe a few other goodies too.  Ya never know.  We'll pick a favorite on the 21st of October and mail out your package on the 22nd so you'll have it in time for Halloween!

Can't wait to hear your ideas!

Last but not least, my September giveaway...lucky name out of the hat was Lise from inthepurplehouse.blogspot.com.  Send me your mailing address and a key fob and lanyard is headed your way.