{mystery sew along - day 2}

Hmm...so what could it possibly be?  The mystery continues!

If you are just joining us, go back here to start from the beginning of our mystery sew along.

I am so happy to be sharing this project with you because it brings back fond family memories.  My Aunt used to do TONS of craft shows when I was a little kid.  LOTS of seasonal items and this is a spin on something she used to make back in the 80's.

Today, we are going to use a paper pattern.  Right click on the pattern down below here, save it and print it out.  You may need to do some adjusting on the size -  your pattern piece should measure roughly 10 1/2" from point to point and roughly 4 1/8" at the center widest point.

For this object we are making which shall remain a mystery for now, you can certainly alter the size of this mystery pattern to make various size mystery objects.  Thought I was gonna say what the mystery object was, didn't you?  Nope, it's still a mystery.

Print out the template.  Lay it out on your 6 panels you created yesterday.  Center the template over the center block and cut out your pattern on each of the 6 panels.

Now, take 2 of the panels and lay them right sides facing.  Pin and with 1/4" seams, sew down one long edge.

Continue to add panels on in the same manner.  You are forming a ball.  Now...don't go blurting out if you think you now know what we are doing.  Keep it a surprise.  Just hold your horses!

When you get to the last panel and you are stitching your "ball" closed, LEAVE AN OPENING about 3" long towards the bottom.  Sew your corner points and come up just a bit from the bottom and leave that opening towards the bottom.

Turn your "ball" right side out and stuff it firmly with your stuffing.  Then slip stitch the opening closed.

Wow.  So we are making a mystery ball?  No.  No we are not making a ball.  Come back tomorrow and you'll soon find out!