{mystery sew along - day 3}

Ready to finish up our mystery sew along?  Go back HERE for Day 1 and HERE for Day 2 so you can catch up if you missed the first parts.

OK kids, got your twine handy?

 Cut 3 pieces of your twine about a yard in length (36" or so).  Find the middle of one piece, center it on the bottom of your mystery ball and following one of your seams, tie it in a knot at the top and pull it tight.  Repeat this until you have your twine tied up on each seam.  Leave the excess twine for now - don't trim it.  Now you will see our ball has been "quilted" and has these puffy defined sections.  You can put a few stitches on the bottom to keep the twine in place or even a dot of hot glue if you'd like.

What on earth could this mystery ball be??  Is it starting to come to you now?

Well, we are in the home stretch.  Right click on the pattern below, save it and print it out.  I had to go outside to get some inspiration to sketch this next part.

Yes, you may want to choose a green print for the "leaf" looking pattern.  And the one that "resembles a stem" might look good in brown.  Not that they are a "leaf" and a "stem" but just sayin, that might work out well in those colors.  Take two of the "leaf" pieces, right sides facing, stitch all the way around leaving about an 1 1/2" opening in the base.  Repeat for the other set as well as the "stem".  Turn them all right sides out and fill with your stuffing.  Don't overfill the "leaves" too much.

See the little red arrow up there?  You could hand stitch OR machine stitch some detail on this "object that resembles a leaf" to "resemble some veins"...you know, in case it was in fact, a leaf.

Next, tuck under your opening on the "leaves" and then place on the top of your "ball" and stitch on.  Place that "stem" looking thing in the center of the "leaves" and tuck under your edges and stitch it on.  Next, take your excess twine that was left hanging and tie it in a bow around your stem.

What's that you say?  It looks like a pumpkin?  Awesome!  Cuz' IT IS A PUMPKIN!

A fun patchworky wonky kind of pumpkin!  SURPRISE!!  Were you totally surprised?  Ha!  Was it fun? NOW...guess what, on Monday, for my inspiration link up party, can I ask if you will post your pumpkins?  I would love to see them! That would be awesome!  Let me know what you think of this mystery sew along...maybe we can do more! ...I hope you think it was fun and worth it!)

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