Preparing (mentally) for winter...

As I write and schedule this post today, it's our last day on our vacation to the east coast.  While my parents took the big peas into town on the mainland and little pea is napping and the gardener is happily watching cable TV (because we have no cable nor internet access at home) I decided to take one last walk down to the beach and sit by myself at the waters edge. Me and Little Pea

As I sat there, I began preparing mentally for what lies ahead of us in the coming months.  The Farmers Almanac has predicted that this winter will be a particularly brutal one.  I love winter.   I love snow.  But after about 3 months of it - I'm ready for the next season and that doesn't always happen for us in the midwest.  Sometimes winter lasts more like 5 months and that quite a bit much even for nature lover me.

Beautiful little feet

So, back to me and my beach chair, and the ocean.  As I sat there, I kept taking little mental pictures.  With my eyes open, the waves crashing, the sun just dancing on top of the water, the seagulls just hanging in the air.  Then I'd close my eyes, and listen to the water on the shore, take deep breaths of delicious fresh sea air.  Open my eyes, another snapshot, the pier, my toes in the sand.  Close my eyes, another deep breath.

Feeding the seagulls...

My sand flower...

Just a stone's throw from our house was the ocean.  Dunes are all natural and we saw a fox and many deer on our walks to the beach.

And my mother's attempt at taking our family portrait...she claimed it was so bright outside she couldn't see through the view finder.  I say we frame this one!

And I kept repeating this over and over again thinking - this is where I'll come when the snow gets too deep and the chill in the air too cold and I get tired of bundling up three kids to go outside.  I'll close my eyes, that James Taylor song, Carolina, will play in the background, and I'll be back here, in my chair, smelling the wonderful fresh warm air and digging my toes into the sand.  Ahh...winter.  Bring it on.  I'm ready.

Bye Summer...see you next year.