Rainy days keep us busy

We had enough rain the other day that it completely flooded the street and filled a tub we had outside with 6 inches of water!  That, my friends, is a lot of rain.  Luckily, Mom is prepared for such a day and thought I'd share with you some of my latest bargain rainy day fun finds. Found in the clearance stuff in the craft section

I found these at Walmart on clearance.  (I was in a different state recently at a different Walmart and they also had them on clearance so I bet you might find them where you are).  I got 4 different Martha Stewart kits for under $3.50 each.

This kit included 5 different puppet kits

They were originally around $12.00 I think but I was really impressed with everything they included in the kits.

The first ones we tried were the jewelry kits.  Each kit made 5 different items.  Similar but the two kits had a large hair barrette, a small barrette, rings, hairpins and two pins.  They consisted of felt flowers that  already had a running stitch in them and all the kids had to do was to pull and gather to create the flower and tie it off.  Then, they glued several together, added leaves and beads.  The glue was a bit tricky at first because it just soaks into the felt and we had to find a way to hold it all together with some pressure but once it dried, it held really strong.

A simple pull to gather the petals...

Love the ring!  Too cute?!

A few finished products...we all wore the hairclips today to go shopping!

Then we moved on to the puppets.  Each puppet animal was individually packed, everything already had stickers to it and the details...wow!   Of course, this IS a Martha Stewart product.  I have to say - I was super impressed.  The bags were kind of small and my girls hands a bit large for them but still workable.  They said they were too easy.  All you had to do was assemble but they sure turned out cute!  And the show we had afterwards that included the hermit crabs...well, we are still working out some production kinks.

...the frog

...the pig

the completed "zoo"

Would I have paid the full $12 for these kits?  I'm not sure.  They were filled with quality materials.  I thought everything was really nice for a kit - usually kits are really crummy.  So, maybe.  But I was happy to have found these for between $2 - $3.50.  Check your local Walmart - maybe there's a few left for your rainy day crafts!