{May Giveaway}

Just a quick note that I  have one of my applique shirts to giveaway this month.  You choose adult or kids size and your design.  All you have to do is leave a comment. Preferably something nice about how I'm not as stupid as I think I am for taking such a huge risk in spending oodles of dollars to produce designs that someone may or may not love and thinking that maybe someday, I could make a purse with my very own fabric.  Yeah, like something nice like that.  Or not.

Hey, do you recycle?  Here's a thought...between our composting and recycling, we generate ONE bag of trash per week.  Can the paperboard milk jugs be recycled?  How are you doing on reducing waste in your home?  Next month, June giveaway, a set of farmers market bags to go along with our recycling theme.  I make them from recycled material I get from the thrift store.

And this time, I mean it, I'm really not posting again until after market.  Today I just happen to be twiddling my thumbs until everything comes back from the printer and then work on my dot.com tonight.  New website launch VERY SOON!  Yea!  See ya later, and by later, I mean later, like next week-ish or so.

xoxo, Trish