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I have the pleasure of calling Britt Lakin a friend.  She is also the exclusive commercial photographer for Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs.  (Yes, those are all of her shots across the top of my page here and along the sidebar - fabulous aren't they?!)  It all started HERE.  She has the ability to always get the shot exactly as I envisioned and most of the time, surprises me with how it is even more amazing than I dreamed.

Britt does portrait and wedding photography here in Columbus, Ohio but she has also travelled across the country to some pretty awesome places to photograph weddings and such for clients.  If you love photography, it is so worth following her on Facebook or following her blog.  Eye candy galore.

If you want to learn how to take fabulous pictures like Britt...or at least TRY then you will want to take a trip to visit her this August here in Ohio.  She is offering a fun interactive class that will teach you how to take pictures of your family like a super star!  Check out the course info below and have fun!