Blooms and Blossoms - Fabric flower wreath

This is the first in a multi - part series.  How many parts?  I don't actually know just yet because one idea has been exponentially multiplying How many will I end up and share...depends on how long my fingers hold out with all the typing and photo editing!  {wink!} I think it's safe to say that almost everybody greets Spring with a few fresh decorations at your doorstep.  A wreath, a new welcome mat, lawn ornaments, something...right?  Well for the fabric obsessed out there, this one should satisfy.

Start with 1/2" - 1" strips of fabric, felt, some jewels (I found mine in the scrapbook section of our craft store), a glue gun, and wreath.

I cut my strips 6" and 8" in length to make two different size little flowers.  Take each strip, put a dot of glue on the end and glue your ends together making fabric links.  

Take 4 of your links and stack them.  Take a small scrap of fabric and tie them together in the center and then pull them to create a little flower.  Add some bling bling to the center.

Next, take a 1" strip about 40" long and make a loose kind of fan with - folding the fabric back and forth and using dots of glue to hold in place and then glue to a piece of felt.


Make 2 of those "fans".   Layout your "fans" and your little flowers and see how you'd like them arranged on your wreath.  I also added some grosgrain ribbon behind my flowers.  Then glue everything in place.


I added a strip of fabric wrapped around the wreath, added a little bunny and a voila!  A new Spring wreath!  You could even make these little scrappy flowers and glue them to barrette backs to wear in your hair too!

I had an older easter wreath with eggs and I hung it in the center of my new wreath...not sure if I like it but...I'll probably be too lazy to change now.  

Up next in the Blooms and Blossoms series...a fringed flower and cute belt tutorial!!  {LOVE!!}