My tummy is so thankful

Life is busy. Each of us runs our own race.  Work.  Family.  Obligations.  Trying to figure out just what it is we were made for.  At many points of your life it may not seem so obvious.  But then unexpectedly, someone, something, gets you to stop just long enough to take a breath and remember what is important.

Frequently for me, it's Carla.  Carla is our business partner.  Spiritual leader I call her.  When my anxiety gets the best of me and I feel like I'm not good enough, I can't get it all done, or I feel paralyzed from pressure (right?  we all get that sometimes?  tell me I'm not alone here)  Carla comes to the rescue - she is quick to pull out scripture that hits home.  I'll read her emails and they'll say, "We need to talk about the profit and loss plan, period.  Next sentence, God loves you, he will never abandon you...and beautiful scripture and discussion about a particular verse.  Her emails make me cry.  Sometimes because of the deadlines for the business...LOL...mostly because they keep me grounded in keeping my eye on the true prize that we have in Christ.

I have come to realize that many of my close friends do that for me...they are really good at lifting me spiritually when I need it.  I feel like such a slug because I have been so "needy" these last months...ok year?  Maybe?  Challenging ourselves, dealing with punches that roll our way, pulling ourselves up...I wonder if I give back as much as I receive.  I want to be better at it...and I feel like sometimes I'm so wrapped up in ME that I'm missing out.  I'm going to focus my prayers there for awhile...

Carla, aka the gardeners Aunt, is the bestest cook eva!  She showed up at our house for one of our meetings with this...In this cooler, in the boxes, bags that accompanied it contained precut, precooked, prepared meals for lunch, dinner and snacks for an entire week.  I know, spoiled aren't we?!  Check out the menu she brought!

Can you see it?  Seriously spoiled are we!

You should know something about me.  I love to eat.  Good drinks.  Delicious foods.  It's by far my favorite form of entertainment.  I love to go out to eat at good restaurants.  I love going to parties.  I love potlucks.  I especially love when a gourmet cook brings me a weeks worth of dinner...made with love.

It was a great week...

Giveaway?  Oh yes, we do have a winner to announce.  Mr. Random Number Generator...#30, thepurplecloth!

Thanks Chantelle for sharing your talents!

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