Danielle...from just a jump north from Columbus, helped me test the Patsy Ann.  I'm not sure how I got so lucky as to have so many fabulous women volunteer to test for me but Danielle is one of those amazing women who I wish I could be more like...

"Joint heir with Christ, Wife to an international man of mystery, Mom to 5 home educated blessings, for sanity time I run and sew. Have yet to figure out how to combine both passions into one :) And while I love sewing and like running, the thing I am most passionate about is being a great wife and mother. I delight in the ministry God has given me in my home. When I married I neither cooked or sewed. But the learning curve was worth it and I am now passing these life long skills along to my daughters and "mom" friends."

Ok Danielle, I have an idea.  You've seen those little handheld "sewing machines" "As advertised on TV", right?  So, for small projects, you know, like a pillowcase...get it all pinned before you go, take that hand held machine...viola!  Sew and run at the same time.  Genius, I know.  Thanks for your help Danielle!

Now, the photos came out a little grainy but the smile is unmistakable.  Meet Megan from the Newlywives. Megan and her cousin Emily are newly married, both to Matt's and are the blog authors at the Newlywives.   Their blog, well, it's as much fun as Megan looks here!  Fun!Megan was kind enough to give the Madison bag a test run and she made up this cute version in brown.  She even patchworked the strap which is a look I love!  Thanks Megan for testing and go visit her and send her some love (she has a great posts on gardening, cooking and I LOVE the posts they've done on handmade weddings.)

If you've made up the Patsy Ann Apron Top (or plan to before August 15th) be sure to post it over on my Flickr page.  Everybody who has posted a Patsy Ann project over there by August 15th will be entered into a drawing for a $25 shop credit to Two Peas.  (ohh...how cool!)

Patterns are about all I've doing lately.  Well, that and hanging out at the pool.  The girls are on swim team at our city pool this summer and I do always look forward to it because practice time gives me an excuse to sit poolside and sew, chat and swim with Sprout for several hours a day.

I really had the best of intentions of being really organized this summer and getting so much done.  But, I think I've given in to the reality that life with kids is very unpredictable.  I mean, I knew that before but, the more kids you add to the mix, the more "stuff" that happens, literally, every day.  The best laid plans, fall apart daily it seems like.  I've put out the call for help to many of my friends to help me with sewing orders, testing, trying to do all these things.

The truth is, this business of mine, is really important to me.  I guess I feel like after my husband and I have served in careers in service to others in law enforcement and education, we deserve to do something for ourselves.   There is nothing good in life that doesn't come from hard work and sacrifice.  And we work really, really hard.  All I really want is to take care of my kids and worry about how to do that  a little less.  Clothe them, feed them, make their life a little easier.

Is that too much to ask?  Isn't that what we are all trying to do everyday?