monday mornings inspiration {the blue ladybug}

What inspires you?  To create and craft and sew.  

I’d love for you link up on Monday Morning for some inspiration.  I am not one of those that hates Mondays.  I love Mondays.  I’m ready to get my work done for the week and anxious to jump in.  What a great way to start the week, sharing what each of us finds inspiration in and in turn, inspiring each other.

Todays Monday Morning Inspiration is my friend Mary Beth...

Hello Everyone! I’m Mary Beth, from The Blue Ladybug Blog and Shop. I’m so honored that Trish asked me to guest post for Monday Morning Inspiration! I think Trish and Two Peas in a Pod are so inspiring- I particularly love the bright colors in her fabrics and photos, and the fun projects she creates. Here’s a little about me and what I’m currently inspired by…

 I’m a mom first to Titus who just turned 2, and our baby girl that we’re expecting Christmas week! I’m involved in our local Mothers Of Preschoolers (MOPS)group, and in our church and youth group where my husband is a pastor. I started sewing when my son was born and then started The Blue Ladybug :: Children’s Boutique with my friend, offering matching brother sister clothing sets, which has grown to many other clothing and accessory items in the past year and half that we’ve been in business!

My sewing career began with a desire to make boy crafts and practical items! That’s been my whole angle with business and sewing… I’ve made clothing and belts, ties and bowties. Wet bags, pacifier clips, burp cloths etc… And most of my fabric stash is boyish.

Then I found out I was having a girl… Sure, I was excited, but I was also overwhelmed with all the options for girls out there! Honestly, I always liked that I didn’t have to think about the endless ideas for girls in the craft world, but here I was about to have one of my own… So I took a deep breath and took the plunge! The day after finding out I was having a girl, I walked down to our local quilt shop and picked out some cute fabrics all in PINK! :) Forget being practical, I started dreaming off all the bows and ruffles and every impractical item I could make for her!

I’ve been having a more difficult time with my pregnancy this time around. Once the third trimester hit, I’ve been in seemingly constant pain! I even ended up in the hospital with the flu and dehydration. And I’ve been having trouble doing as much as I was before, plus taking care of a toddler. And because I’ve been so much busier this pregnancy, I realized that I was NOT ready for this girl to be here! Sure I have most of what I need, but I hadn’t done anything in real preparation to help myself feel mentally ready to have her. You know what I mean? So I went to my Pinterest boards (follow me) and made a list of girly projects I wanted to get done before she comes…I realized that I needed to stop looking for inspiration and start actually doing the things I was inspired by!

Here is my Monday Morning Inspiration- my baby girl! I'm so excited to share my creations with you today!

We kept our guest room, but added her crib to one wall (which will eventually be gray- please use your imagination :) ) The wall art is fabric stretched over embroidery hoops, and her name (painted on wood letters) will go in the center (we didn't put it up yet because it’s a secret hehe).

This ribbon mobile was what I was most excited about making! :) We have yet to put it up, and aren't entirely sure where to put it because of the wicked slant in the ceiling and the wall was shorter than I thought :/ But I love it and I'll find a spot for it! :)

I’ve also made some receiving blankets, crib sheets, booties, and flower clips on headbands.

The paci clips and burp cloths were stuff from my shop that I had on hand!

I even made some adorable little Christmas PJ pants! (yes, I’m counting on her being early like her brother!)

I have a couple projects still to go… Hoping I get them mostly done in the next month!

-A Diaper bag tote, wristlet and wallet

-And a Quilt using the incredible Heirloom in Ruby Fabrics from Joel Dewberry. (yes, I gotta get cracking on that project!)

I can say that completing these adorable projects and getting her room (mostly) done, have helped me become more ready for my baby girl to get here! It feels so good to actually do the things that I’ve been inspired by! And doing all these projects, even though I’ve been busy and very uncomfortable, has helped the waiting go by quicker! 

Thanks for reading my inspiration! I’m excited to see how having a little girl will inspire me for years to come!

Now it's your up your latest inspirations!  Be sure to link back here {}