{tie-front tote online class coming soon!}

Every time I post about hosting sewing classes locally, I usually get a handful of emails or comments that people wish they were close enough to come join us.  So, we got the idea to put together a "virtual" class so no matter where you are...you can join in!

Our first class is this (up there, that cute red bag!).  It's called, The Tie Tote or Tie - Front Tote...because I haven't actually come up with a more clever name for it as of yet.  It's a bag I have been sewing up for the better part of 8 years now.  I know, right?  Long time.  But I get asked about this bag alot AND it's really easy.

This is a great bag if you are new to sewing and making bags.  It will help you to get your feet wet and build your confidence.  The class will have a private blog area for you to access the 3 separate video classes, loads of text to support what you will see in the video and also a place to chat with me and the others taking the class. (It certainly helps to have a budding film maker in the family - thanks Andrew!  You're awesome!!)

This pattern will also be available in a full color paper version as well next month.  It will be one of the first of the "mini-patterns" that I will be offering at a great price.  So if you don't want to take the class but you want the pattern...hold your horses!  It will be here soon!

Registration for this class will open up next Monday.  That is, if I get all of the technical pieces figured out by then.  Cross your fingers.  I'm not between the ages of 12 and 22 so computer stuff does take me a little longer.

Hope you can join us!


Sew? Me? Why yes, yes I do. You?

Some of you sew.  Some of you don't.  But if you don't...is it fair to say you wish you did?

I hear it all the time.  "I wish I knew how to sew!".  Seriously - anyone can sew!  And so, I've been teaching a few classes about once a month on some original and other projects.  Fun for beginners.  Fun for those advanced sewers.

Last week, we had our TOTES! class.  The idea was that I would share how I draft...ha!  How I "draft" a bag pattern.  Um, a tote bag is a rectangle basically.  Add straps.  Boom!  You're done.

With a few patches and a basic pattern, I introduced them to using offset blocks and a little no sew trick.  Two different ways to make the gussets and how to make the straps.  How to create pockets from whatever scraps you have.  How to use interfacing.  How to insert a snap.  I think that about sums it up.  Wanna see what they came up with?

February, we are sewing up some fabulous accessory bags and learning how to make little rolled roses and more to pin on or attach to barrettes.

March, we are getting ready for Spring with some home dec sewing.  Pillow covers and table runners.  I love making the table runners actually into placemats which you can use on an end table too.

April, preparing for Mother's Day we will be making aprons.

May, end of school year so we will be making teacher thank you gifts.  Notebook covers and coffee cup cozies.

June, ready for the summer - we will be making a classic, pillowcase dresses.

Want to join us?  If you sign up for any 3 classes and pay in advance, you'll receive a $20 discount.  If you've taken a class with me - I'd love to hear what you think and share with everyone.  I love seeing what you all create!  Thanks for sewing with me!