Felting a who with what?

My sentiments exactly.

Being snowed in like we were last week...and over the weekend, and again this week...with the snow and the big flakes that won't seem to stop (I think we are a little over 22" for the week or so) encouraged me to actually try a few new projects like the crib sheet and necklace...and oh, yes, those boxes.  (hopefully some directions for you this Friday?  Don't hold your breath though, right?)

I've been hearing little snippets or seeing little things here and there about felting. What is that I wondered?  Do I have to have special tools?  Well, it's pretty simple.

Wool sweater.  Hot water wash.  Tumble dry.  That's felting.

So, the peas, little sprout and I...

made one of our trips over to see what's cool at the goodwill store.  I've had some pretty good scores there before.

We found some great sweaters.  The quality of wool makes a difference.  One sweater felted much nicer than the other.  One didn't seem to change the weave very much.  Felting should make it really tight.  After completing my project, and thinking about writing this post...I found this very helpful link.

Found many good sweaters.  I cut into a beautiful Ralph Lauren cashmere blend sweater today for the wrist cuffs in a yummy grape color.  And I'm  in the process of making more of these...which sell like crazy in town at the coffeehouse.And I felted some.  Now what?  What do you do with this stuff?  Well, I did what I do and that is make a bag.  With an owl.  Love my owls.

Yep, a fun project.  And I love upcycling and reusing stuff.  Have you made any cool green projects lately?  Do share!  Send me a link and I'll share them all in another post soon!