Devil won't get me down...

You know how some people seem to have all the worst "luck"?  I'm not one of those people BUT I do seem to have weird random things happen to me.  Frequently.  Right?  (my friends can attest to this) This past week, I awoke Monday morning to a zit just inside my nostril.  Fab. U. Lous.  For sure.  By Tuesday night, my entire face was starting to swell.  By Wednesday night, my husband was referring to me as "something from Planet of the Apes".  It was not a pretty site.

By Thursday, my doctor who I paged Tuesday night and saw first thing Wednesday morning, had referred me to a specialist and they wanted to admit me to the hospital and surgically open and put in a drain tube in order to help this "little infection" along.  At this point, I was on this little cocktail.

Two different antibiotics plus a third that was a topical cream and a boat load of Motrin for pain.  My teeth were killing me!  By Friday, I went in for "surgery" and for a stay that they said would be about 3 days for IV antibiotics except about 2 hours before we went in...I started to get better.  At least I thought so.  I took a picture before I got in the shower that day and then showed my doctor that photo up next to my face and said, "SEE!  SEE!  Looks a little better doesn't it?!".  He didn't look very convinced but he finally agreed that I did seem to be a teeny tiny bit better...and so he said we could hold off for the moment and see how things go.  RE - FREAKING -LIEF!

Last summer, I had MRSA.  A result of an insect bites I had around my ankles...and then a visit to my Dad who was sick and in the hospital.  Scratch, scratch and about 2 days later, I little pimple on my leg appeared.  A month later, I was walking around again and starting to feel like myself.  I have had all kinds of just random weird stuff with myself, my husband, my kids...medically, or otherwise and I swear...sometimes I just the devil trying to get me down?

Here's the thing, no matter what your "higher power" is you believe in, there's always something that seems to counteract it.  For me, I'm a Christian.  I'm Lutheran in fact.  Born, raised, wavered, and committed.  For me, Jesus IS the way.  And so, I wonder sometimes, if the louder my voice gets in terms of increasing blog readers or success with trunk shows or releasing my pattern line...if "somebody" wants to quiet my voice?  Sounds like a conspiracy theory, right?  Well, it is!  I know that sounds crazy could be anyone.  It could be YOU.  If YOU are ever in a position in which others are looking to you for any reason, I think you are a target.

There are many things within a day, a week, a month that can get you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and uncertain.  I think that when we are feeling vulnerable, uncertain, overwhelmed, frustrated, tired...that's when "he" my case, I believe, "the devil", sets in to tear you down.  I guess he thinks that's when he can best reach you.  Get you to make bad choices, give up, doubt yourself.  And many times, I fall for it.  I doubt myself.  I think I can't do it.  But, I woke up today, with this swollen face, and thought, Screw you Devil.  I am so behind on work and everything in my life.  But Not today!  Not me!  I put on my game face, my imaginary football pads and growled!  Bring!  It!  On!  I will not be defeated.  I will not give up.  I will not be discouraged.  I just won't!

I have faith in a higher power.  I believe that I am following a path that God created me to follow.  I believe that when given an opportunity, I will share that my GOD is a mighty GOD and with Him by my side, I have no fear, no doubts, no worries.

Take that swollen planet of the apes face!  Hrumpf!