Our little Super Sprout turned 4 last month and I promised to share, and finally I do, the details of her party.

We live on a road considered "rural".  Although we have close access to everything - we have no cable, no internet connection, nada.  Right?  You've heard me gripe about this before.  It's why blogging can be so hard for me because by the time I edit and load photos into a post - it's about a 1.5 - 2 hour process.  Sloooow speeeed.

Anyway, I digress.  There is a silver lining to the whole "no cable" thing and that is that we only get a few TV channels and one of those is the "retro TV" station.  On Saturday nights at 7pm, it's like clockwork.  Sprout will start asking, "Is Batman on soon?  Now?  Now is it on?  Now is Batman on?".  The girl has a serious thing for the old Adam West version of Batman ala 1970's.  We scarcely ever miss an episode.  So to no surprise, she started asking for a Batman birthday party about 6 months before her birthday.

We compromised and made it a "superhero" party - hey, we didn't want to leave any superheroes out.  We are an equal superhero household.

Don't ask.  I didn't have a superhero outfit of my own and so I guess I thought dressing like a goofball in a cape with a star on my cheek would fit the bill.  I was right.  Sprout loved it.  Hey, if my girl is happy, I'm happy.  Our decorations were pretty simple.  I started with some polka dot fabric for the background, kind of like a comic book backdrop, yes?  Then I added a comic book banner.  I actually bought a comic book and cut it all up.

Let's just say comic books aren't like they were when I was a kid.  Um, hello...barely appropriate for kids...what's up with the girl wonder and her big you-hoos and skimpy-ness yada yada yada?  I actually had to censor most of the comic book.  Who knew comics could be so offensive these days, wow.

I added "power aid pellets" aka M&M's because Sprout is a fiend for those candies.  Wrapped a couple of shoeboxes.  Added some of our batman toy collection.  Yes, we have a collection.  And used blue and red bags as our favor bags loaded with some goodies for superheroes.

superhero birthday party

You can click on the graphic above, slide it into photoshop or duplicate in a word doc, however you know how to use it to make copies for yourself and your own superhero.

Love our sunroom.  It's our go-to party spot.  Industrial strength carpet.  Nice views.  We love it.

Once our SuperHero friends arrived - it was time to start our Superhero Academy Training.  We started with our SUPERHERO STRENGTH TRAINING.  Sprout loved this.  Way too much.  The girl is a power house.  She took down the inflatable spider-man like nobody's business.  She's learned a lot from the "real" Batman, don't you know?

Well, there was a lot more mayhem and fun had but you'll have to come back later to see the rest.  Serious, I'm at roughly 2 hours to get this post to this point...I'm headed to my superhero mommy bed.  Part Two will be next up!