Christmas come early...

Remember this?

And this?

And this?

Boy, do I sure remember it.  Our very first vacation with our little pea.  A trip with my Mom and Dad.  Sun.  Fun.  And sweet memories.  And lots of rest.  Oh, sweet rest.  How wonderful it was to get away for a bit.

So much rest in fact that I was able to cross off some of those things on my "dream list".  One of those things was to start writing articles and producing projects to submit to magazines.  So I did.  I wrote an article while we were on our trip.  It was about selling your crafts and supporting your craft addiction.  I thought it was pretty funny.

I sent it into an international publication.  They weren't sure what to make of it.

And that's ok.  I'll share it with all of you next post.  I think you might enjoy it.  Especially if you are trying to take that next step into selling your crafty-ness to help pay off that huge fabric stash you have ...yeah, selling off a few things might be helpful.

Anyway.  Where was I?

Oh yes, so I sent it to just one magazine and they weren't sure what to do with it.  But, they liked my blog.

They liked some of the projects I have shown.

And they commissioned me to do three special projects for their Spring issue.  They are brand new - never before seen - super cute, cottage style, fun projects that I hope you will just love.  I've been very busy sketching up these new ideas and drafting out the instructions.  I can't share anything with you yet but when I can - believe me, I WILL!

That was my big news.  I told you - probably a much bigger deal to me than to anyone else but my hubby, the gardener and I were pretty darn excited.

So the family has all been called in to help me meet my deadline.  All of the peas grandparents, the gardeners Aunt, my sister...I've been asking for loads of help to keep an eye on the littlest pea for me so I can sew and design and make some progress.

Tuesday, it was Aunt C.  Aunt C. just retired from being a buyer for a MAJOR retailer.  She used to be in Paris, Milan, Rome etc about every 6 weeks for work and now, she's home and finding her passions.  She and her husband have always gardened but now they are planning on "farming".  And Aunt C - she is an amazing A.MAZ.ING cook.  And she's writing a cookbook.  I won't share the theme with you until she's, you know, published, but it's unique and you will love it!

When she came to watch little pea - she brought all of this.  Just a taste of her gourmet goodness...

I hear ya...yum, I know.  Serious yum.  And Friday, my parents will be here.  Think my Mum might bring something good too?  I sure hope so because my cooking skills have sort of dropped off lately.

For instance, tonight, dinner was homemade broccoli soup (ok, that was pretty good) and tomato toasts.  My kids love these little toasts.

Tomato toasts, as I call them, is just french bread sliced, butter with a little garlic salt on top and some cheese -swiss or jack.  I toast them then add a slice of tomato and more cheese and toast again.  That's all it is and they love them.  And that's about as fancy as it's gettin' around here lately.

So that's my Christmas come early.  A contract to contribute my projects to a magazine feature.  And a load of homemade goodness and even more kindness from family.

Aunt C. told me this the other day, and it really lifted me up and made me remember how I got *here* in the first place...

Just keep remembering that God is guiding you, His ideas, His love is propelling you forward! The more you trust that, the less pressure you will experience...not easy, but definately big rewards.

Big rewards.

Hope all is well with you...

(ps don't forget - I still have a bunch of THESE to giveaway!  All you have to do is blog about them - announce them, whatever - and link back here.  Then leave me a comment that you did so.  And for that, 10 of you will get a pattern for the Hazel Hipster)