{what i wore wednesday}

I have a small obsession with the What I Wore Wednesday posts over at the Pleated Poppy.  I LOVE to see what outfits everyone puts together and get ideas on how to refashion what I have in my closet to make new outfits.  Love, love, love these posts.

I decided to join in today.

OK...so it goes something like this.  I love the whole colored tights trend that has been going on for awhile now.  I've not ever been brave enough to try it myself.

But, while shopping recently, I found these mustard colored tights on the super duper clearance rack.  $1.99?  Yes, please.  I can be adventurous for $1.99.

So I googled "how to wear colored tights" - and I found what I thought, was something suitable in my closet to put together with the tights.  Hence, this.

Sweater - Kohl's, clearance (like 8 years ago!) Dress - Ann Taylor LOFT, clearance Belt - Ann Taylor LOFT, clearance Tights - Kohl's. clearance The best pair of shoes I've ever owned in my entire life, Kohl's  (seriously. I just got these - with memory foam and the softest insides ever!)

The color is off a bit in the picture because the sweater and the tights are actually very similar in color than they appear in the photo.

The Gardener,(aka my hubby) said, "You look like an Ompa-Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".  Thanks honey.  The "internet" said that when you wear colored tights - to match your shoes.  I had some cute metallic gray heels but I went with the matchy-matchy thing.

I went on to work.  I told the girls I work with what my husband said.  They bust out laughing.  And then said, he was right and don't ever wear that again.  Bahaaha!  Oh my.

Ok, colored tights FAIL.

My only saving grace, the Gardener said my hair looked fabulous.  I think he wants something.  But, I was kinda having a good hair day.  You know how that is.  Doesn't happen very often.

So, help me out.  How the heck do I wear colored tights?  Or do I not wear them?  (please don't call the fashion police on me!)

What I Wore Wednesday

Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy started this series of posts awhile back and I was quickly sucked in.  The jist is each week she just posts photos of her outfits for the week.  And invites others to link in and do the same.  Can I say just how much I am addicted to this?  Love seeing all these cute outfits! Even on days I work from home, I really NEED to get up, shower, get dressed - just like I'm headed to go out.  It energizes me for sure.

I don't know if I'll keep this up {I know FOR SURE I won't be doing it this week - our family is dealing with some heavy personal medical issues and I'm laying low} but here's what I was able to muster from last week.

Go check out Lindseys site and look for all her What I Wore Wednesday posts!  You'll be inspired!

I am a SERIOUS bargain hunter and SERIOUS Ann Taylor LOFT fan.  I shop clearance only.  I own NOTHING from LOFT that cost more than $24 and 85% of what I own from there cost less than $20.  These pants I'm wearing here...$7.  Serious.  The long sleeve tee - $3.99.  The sweater - the WOOL sweater, $24.  My boots - $12.  I HATE spending a lot of money on clothes.  Can't do it.

These shoes rock!  They are ESPIRIT.  They were new with tags still on, never worn - found them at Goodwill for $1.99 (?) I think.  Maybe $2.99?  Anyway - I LOVE thrifting!

Love this new bag...(more on it later!).  Paid $5 for these shoes.  They are one of my favs!

That's it - 3 days.  That's all I got...