:: Behind the scenes with the Town & Country bag ::

Popping in to share what's new this Fall from Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs... Two new patterns are being introduced and today, I'm sharing a behind the scenes look at our photo shoot with Britt Lakin Photography.

We shot these at one of our local metro parks where the colors are amazing right now as we transition into our Fall foliage here in Ohio. That super cute model?  She's one of my nieces.  Super sweet girl (Thanks Natalie!)

After a few adjustments - we got a ton of fabulous shots thanks to Britt.

{you sincerely should check out her website and like her on Facebook.  she is so gifted.  she and I can talk about the feel I want for a photo and she nails it for me every time.  it is such a joy to work with her and a blessing}

The Town & Country bag features a unique flap closure that allows you to reach in to your bag without opening it all the way for quick access.  It is accented with removable handles that is great for throwing on your arm.  Wear it crossbody to have a hands free bag - 2 great options for your busy life style.

Shown on our pattern cover using Thomas Knauers new fabric line, Frippery.

The Town & Country bag sewing pattern from Two Peas in a Pod will be introduced to shop keepers at Fall Quilt Market.  Be sure to ask your sales rep at with your favorite distributor!  Shipping on this new pattern will begin in late November 2012.

Thank you Britt Lakin Photography for your amazing talents and thank you Natalie for being wonderful you!

What do you think?  Are you ready to sew this one up?  I hope so!  It's a fall favorite of mine.

Next on the blog, I'll share the 2nd new design release, the Lily Wren Wristlet!

Quilt Market {queue theme song from Rocky}

Dun-na-na...dun-na-na...dun..dun..dun...dun-na-na....(arms in air doing the little Rocky dance up top of the stairs!)  Whoo-wee!  I did it! I don't know how (actually I do - it's called Carla, The Gardener, Barb and Kristin) but we did it and best of all, we lived to tell about it.  I've got a lot to share and I'm doing it all in one post so get ready...it's a long one!


My debut at the International Quilt Market in Houston, TX.  So the story goes like this...once upon a time, I got a crazy idea that I could actually design fabrics and write a book and create sewing patterns...and I was gonna start this little company called, Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs.  And how hard could it really be?  Right?


Well, I've found out what it takes and I love it and I'm not going back.  Our family is full on committed to seeing this dream all the way through and I gotta tell ya, right now...I am sitting on Cloud 9 (which coincidentally is a really awesome organic fabric line I saw at QM).

I had a great experience.  The reception to my patterns and my designs and my brand were very well received.  I think 2011 is going to be an exciting adventure for us and I can't wait to slowly share with you all the new things that our family will be involved in.

Let me start at the beginning...





I loved the outfits that Cyndi, one of my sample sewers, created for me.  They fit beautifully!  What?  You thought I had time to make all those samples, write the patterns, plan the booth AND sew my own outfits.  The secret is out...I have help!!  The jacket I'm wearing here is made from a print from Amy Butler's LOVE home dec collection and her Liverpool shirt pattern.  I added sparkly buttons to it and wore it as a jacket.



Anna is the former editor of Sew Hip magazine.  Anna took a chance and invited me to write a series for the magazine early this year.  I ended up and was published in Sew Hip 4 times this year - thanks to Anna.  It was so exciting to meet her in person - she flew in all the way from the UK!



It was my first time meeting Marisa of Creative Thursday.  You must go and check out her website because it is chock full of inspiration and beautiful images.  I love her  style!

Lizzy House is the talented designer behind Castle Peeps.  Lizzy is a generous and giving person who shares her time and experience and talents.  It was such a pleasure to meet her in person after sharing several conversations with her via email.  Lizzy has a wonderful pattern line as well that you can find here.

Bari J. is the creative force behind beautiful fabrics, patterns and a new book coming out soon called Inspired to Sew.  Her booth was so bright and warm...her wall hanging quilt is the cutest darn thing ever!!  Bari has been so kind in offering me loads of advice and encouragement and I'm so grateful to count her as a friend.

Jan DiCintio has created a brand of fabrics by the name of Daisy Janie.  Hands down, Jan is a pioneer.  She has designed and self produced this line of fabric, insuring minimal waste in every facet of production to shipping.  Green doesn't get much better than this. And Jan, my hats off - I don't know how you do it but you are amazing!

Patty, bless her soul, is so sweet I could kiss her!  I honestly would not have been able to make some decisions and get where I am had it not been for Patty's wonderful mentoring.  She is too kind and Patty, thank you so much for helping me.  I promise, I will do the same for someone else someday.  Patty has a mouth watering new fabric line from Michael Miller called Sanctuary and an amazing array of sewing patterns to match.  You'll love them!  She and her hubby John dressed up for Halloween and they were hilarious!!

I heart Anna Maria Horner.  Her new line is called Innocent Crush and I have a serious girl crush on her.  I adore her use of color and I think she is hugely talented.  She has velveteens out this time and I'm anxious to get some sample yardage and sew something up for my Sprout.  I've not previously met her before so this was a highlight for me.

I was exhausted beyond measure.  Overwhelmed maybe a bit.  But so excited for what the future will bring.  Thank you so much for all of your support.  My wonderful testers (and yes, I know...I have patterns coming to you very soon!), Sarah B for all of your help in editing, Barb for being my friend and coming along to help for the big weekend - that means SO much to me, love ya, Kristin - my super awesome girlfriend excel wiz who sews with me when I'm freaking out until 3 am - love ya, "Aunt Carla" - you are a super star and such a blessing to our family, and my husband and kids - we are in this together and I love this adventure we are on and love you to the moon and back.  I'm very blessed with supportive friends and family who lift me up in prayer and cheer us on - thanks you guys.  To God be the glory...





My Top 10 List o' the day...

Quilt Market has been an amazing experience for me so far.  I don't think I can hardly put it all into words just yet because my feet are so tired and when my feet are tired, my brain fails to work very well.  Here's a few things I've noted so far:

  1.  Quilters are amazing artists.  Some of the quilts on display here look like photographs.  Done in fabric and some painting.  Truly amazing.
  2. A smile goes a long way.  So many people just come into the booth and light up and smile.  That totally makes my heart happy.  I love happy smiling people.
  3. Starbucks is not the same everywhere.  My Peppermint White Mocha from one Starbucks was great.  From another, not so great.  If you know me well, you know that I was deeply disappointed to go without my coffee today.  My Starbucks is my one luxury item I afford myself as a reward on hard working days.  I went without today.  (Cue the tiny violins.)
  4. Barb (my neighbor) and I are pretty handy with power tools.  Just sayin'. 
  5. Country girls get it done.  Afraid of nothing.  Can do attitude.  Resourceful.  Hard working.  Refer to #4. 
  6. Family is the best foundation.  My family has been the most supportive outstanding amazing team.  From helping with kids, the business and EVERY LITTLE THING we ask or don't ask for, they have been there so willingly.  I am so blessed.
  7. Friends are priceless.  From Barb who came with us and cried when we arrived to our empty booth - I love her for being so excited for me.  She made me cry.  To Patty Young, who has been a mentor to me and I'm ever so grateful for all of her help and advice.  And all of the support I've gotten from my twins club Mom friends, and friends from church, and friends from all over...Friends are priceless.
  8. Room service so you can eat chocolate cake in bed at almost midnight is sometimes necessary.  Getting it for free - even sweeter!
  9. To the lady who brought me a tiara today for a photo op with her...you're crazy and I totally love people like you.  I swear to be normal is just too boring. 
  10. Finally, the world seems so big and then also so small sometimes.  I know it's called the INTERNATIONAL Quilt Market but I guess I just assumed it would still be mostly folks from this side of the pond.  I've met people from the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Spain, Brazil...I guess that would qualify the title of the show, "International", huh?  Very cool. 

When my feet quit hurting and my brain is fully functional, I'll be back with more about my Quilt Market experience.  If only the blog had sound...if there was any doubt we are really "working" here...I could verify with the sounds of my bunk mate snoring.  While I type.  With every light in the room on.  And the TV blaring.  That kind of working hard all day sleep is so nice.  I have that "kid on Christmas Eve can't fall asleep because I'm hoping Santa just brought me that awesome new sewing machine I really wanted and a case of new thread" syndrome.   Suppose I should try closing more than one eye and get some rest.  More soon...



Fallen off the face of the earth...or whatever

Did you think I had fallen off the face of the earth?  No?  Ok, no really...it's about to get pretty quiet around here.  See this face? This is the face of a girl who has had very little sleep.  Whose butt has gone numb long ago.  Fingers in permanent bent position on the keyboard of her computer.  Coffee cups, tea cups and an empty bag of pretzel crisps surround her.  Children pawing at the office door wondering when will she be done.  A husband lurking about woefully neglected and underpaid for he is keeping all the plates of our family spinning at the moment.  Pages and pages of text, edits, revisions, double check, color checks...and on and on and on.  But it's short lived...and soon, it will be go time, time to get on that jet plane for Houston and head off to Quilt Market.

I think that working a trade show for 3 days with 2 days to set up and tear down will seem like a giant vacation compared to the last few weeks.

So it might get a bit quiet around here while we rush about in a flurry with finishing touches in preparation of our Sprouts Sewing Pattern debut but I promise...I'll be back soon enough with a big fat reveal of all 14 new patterns.  ALL OF THEM...Even the Hazel Hipster got a facelift and new revisions!  I'm exhausted beyond measure but God is good - I know this journey He has led our entire family on is one with purpose and I won't let a little sleep deprivation stop me from being the best I can be and honor Him.

Wish me luck with all the preparations won't you?  I could use a hug...




Pouring. Down. Rain. Miracle.

Would you guess that as this shot was taken, the rain...started...to...POUR!  BUCKETS!  I can't believe how awesome this came out for as hard as it was raining!  We were a bit under the trees so we got lucky!  LOVE IT!

This is my Pocket Full of Posies banner and I love how cute our little model looks with her fairy wings enjoying our tea party we set up.

Before the photo shoot for our patterns and pending Quilt Market...we spent time sprucing up the playhouse my Dad and husband built.  Dills Nursery loaned us some fabulous plants and it looked stunning!  

The gardener (aka my husband) really out did himself!  He repainted everything, powerwashed all over the place, hauled plants, watched kids...super Dad for sure!

I've been writing writing writing working on text for the patterns and really, not much else.  I'm kinda feeling out of sorts because my sewing machine broke as I finished up the last sample for the photo shoot.  And it's been down for more than a week now.  Can't remember the last time I stayed away from my machine that long...

So I've started daydreaming about Halloween already...I know, I know.  It's my favorite holiday...I think I might start decorating in a couple of weeks so I can really enjoy my entire vintage collection I've amassed over the years.  I've started browsing on etsy...found this fun little item!

I'm gonna have some serious fun watching what pops on etsy over the next few weeks.  I seriously LOVE vintage Halloween decor!  Fun!

Do you have a favorite holiday you like to decorate for?

Don't forget - the Chantelle Nicole Giveaway ends August 31st!  You still have time to get in and explore all the wonderful jewelry items she creates!



Bloggers Quilt Festival

So I heard a little rumor from Kaye that this quilt blog festival was going on.  They time it so that it is going on during the International Quilt Market .  The Fall market is the BIG one of the year.  There is also one in the Spring but the Fall one is where most new releases on fabric lines, etc are launched or revealed. If you've been with me for any length of time you'll remember this.

The result of that is that I am STILL working on designs.  Here's the thing.  I had 3 companies that were promising.  One who sent me an email when I got home and said they loved my stuff and they would be in touch very soon.  That sounds good, doesn't it?

Well, a month later I got a short note from them that said "they decided to go another direction".  I was ok with that because there were still 2 others in the running.  Both of those said that I needed to tweak some things, work on colorways, etc but that they really loved my designs.

Last week, after not being in touch with those companies since May, one of them emailed me again and said they were really impressed with my presentation, really loved my designs and looking forward to my resubmits.

Again, sounds promising.  Really.

Problem is, I'm not a graphic designer.  SO...I'm slowly trying to figure out what I need to be able to do this myself and I'm asking for help from some friends.  And I continue to network with others who have done this before me.  Sandi Henderson and Bari J and Lila Tueller - all very kind in offering me advice and encouraging me along.  Networking is so very helpful.

I was in such a hurry before to get "there" but now, I just put it in God's hands.  If it's meant to be, it will.  If I'm blessed enough with talent and skill that can grow into a career to help support my family - then it's God's plan and it will happen when the time is right.  I'm much more relaxed about the process now.

For months, I've been planning to take November and December off.  I just submitted an article to a magazine for publication.  I have 3 publishing companies that I'm working on book proposals for and I'm actually pulling in some all new sketches to build my collection that I have now named, designed my selvedge edges for and have a few sewing patterns to go with...and I will actually have, before Christmas, the first of those patterns for sale and ready for distribution.

In God's time.  Not mine.  If it's meant to be.  It will.  If not, then I'll keep doing what I'm doing.  Sewing for my friends and family and loving every.  single.  minute. of it.

Which brings me back to the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

You are supposed to write a post about a quilt and tell it's story.

My first nine patch...my mom taught me how to do this one.

The first quilt I ever made, I made when I was about 10 weeks pregnant with the peas, my twins.  I didn't know it at the time that there were two of them in there so I was only making one.  I actually haven't made a second one yet.  And they are now, ahem, 8 years old.  It was a nine patch with a flannel back of bears with angel wings.  Adorable.

It's been loved...to pieces.  I've told them I'll have to cut it in two for them and make them into little wall hangings or something.

the Christmas quilt

And then last Christmas, I made my parents a big throw quilt.  I also put a flannel back on it because my Dad is always cold.  The front I did just giant blocks and put a cute vintage cowboy flannel on the back.

Had to read in a book how to do the corners

There really isn't any story to this.  Except I was so busy working filling orders that I didn't get to make this until the week of Christmas.

And I had a new baby at home.

And I stayed up into the wee hours after everyone was in bed asleep sewing.

And piecing.

And quilting.

I have alot of respect for quilters.  It's a big job.  But the results are timeless.

I say that because in the baby's room, framed is a quilt square from a quilt my great grandmother made.  It had started to fall apart and so each girl in my family got a square of it framed.

And I made Christmas stockings for my parents from it.

And I still have more left.  There will be some other sweet projects to come along, I'm sure.



{more quilt market and try handmade}

Pittsburgh Quilt Market - calming my nerves out on the balcony My previous post I was on such a high from coming back from Quilt Market. And from that adventure, frantically, I have been sketching. And sketching. And sketching. What fun! I sent up more than 13 new designs to the companies I met at Quilt Market. Tomorrow, my illustrator and I are going to plug in my designs into a "virtual quilt" so they can get a feel for how my "fabrics" will work in a finished project. All good experience - whether I get a line or not. I have learned alot about the whole process. And now that it's all out there - I feel much more calm. Calm enough in that I started to book a few trunk shows for the summer. I probably have one or maybe two more I could do so let me know if you are interested in a late July or August date.

Try Handmade - have you visited this site before? Love it because they feature all handmade goods and it is amazing to browse all the wonderful articles. Right now - jump over there because they are featuring a sweet little tote I made in a giveaway. You have until midnight May 22nd to post a comment and be entered to win! Whoo-hoo! Go! Go!

WAIT! Don't go YET...I'm not quite done. I just wanted to share the little accessory bags going out to my April blog giveaway winners (sorry it's taken so long ladies - been so busy with market and "stuff"). I think they turned out nice - are ya likin the buckles as much as me?

Yummy!  I'm loving these little buckles-a-bling-bling!

Last thing - and THEN you can run over to Try Handmade. If you know me personally, you know I tend to get on my little soapbox about car seats. As a deputy sheriff, I helped to teach over a thousand 3rd graders in my county about seat belt safety. That is a topic that is very close to my heart.

When my twins were 7 months old we were traveling back from a family vacation and started off early in the morning. I won't go into all of the details but we had a very bad accident - we were driving a Ford F-350 crew cab with dual wheels - totaled. My husband was cut out of the car - I don't want to go into all of it but it was bad and I really thought I was going to lose him that day. Our girls were secured in their car seats and before we left on vacation I had them checked to be sure they were installed properly at our local fire station. Those girls had little bitty bruises on them and that was it. Thankfully, everyone eventually was just fine.

My soap box is not just about infant car seats. I think everyone is smart enough to know that kids should be in them until they are 4 years and 40 lbs. What most people do NOT know is that kids should REMAIN in a booster seat until they are 4'9 and 90 lbs. What you say? That's like a 5th grader? Yep, that's right! THAT is the NEW standard. Check it out...children smaller than that do not fit properly in just a seat belt. They ride up on their neck. They don't fit across their lap. And an ill fitting seat belt can cause serious internal injuries even in a crash at 30mph. My 8 year olds still sit in a high back booster because height wise, they fit safest in a booster. Not cool you say? How cool is it when your child breaks their ribs, has a collapsed lung, major organ damage and other life threatening injuries? Not so cool so my soap box - buckle up BIG kids and save their lives. If EVERYBODY does it, then my kids won't feel like a baby sitting in a booster. It's the safest thing to do and in Ohio, it's the law under age 8 to be in a booster. Over age 8, keep them in a booster until they reach 4'9 and 90 lbs. and always in the back seat. It's the safest thing to do for your children.

OK...'nuf said!

Now run over to Try Handmade!

xo to you and your kids, Trish

Quilt Market

The quilts on exhibit were jaw dropping!  {Spring Quilt Market - Pittsburgh - 2009} I know, quit complaining, right? I mean seriously, how much can you possibly stand to hear me moan and groan about my nervous stomach and anxiety over this whole process of trying to become a textile designer. This has been a long and trying journey so far. OK…so here’s the “story” of my experience and interviews at Quilt Market.

The night before day one, I could not get to sleep. If you were following me on Twitter, you know, I was up way late, up way early and was losing my mind. Not to mention the fact that I’m still nursing my baby, who I left at home, and who I have never been away from for more than a few hours. Heart wrenching. A few tears were shed.

Once I got to market the next morning, within minutes I had my first appointment. And it went well. I got great feedback and was asked to resubmit in a different format and add some things to show my line in finished product within the next 10 days. I had two other companies who liked me and we had a really great connection. Crossing my fingers. I had two complete rejections which was ok. They said, and it’s true, that the market is getting saturated with designers. Scrapbookers and graphic designers – everybody is designing for fabrics and it’s just very competitive right now. They both told me that before they even looked at my designs and then looked and gave me advice and feedback. That was very nice.

Kay Whitt of Serendipity Studios - sweetest girl ever! {Spring Quilt Market - Pittsburgh - 2009}

In the midst of the interviews, I got to visit with some people who have been mentoring me through this process as well as some new friends. I had the best time meeting Kay Whitt of Serendipity Studios. She is just without a doubt the sweetest thing ever! We had talked before market about intellectual attorneys via email. She was wearing this super stylish coat! I love it! I bought the pattern to try making one for myself. I told Kay it will be cold weather again before I get it done! I think Kay and I could have talked all day about dust bunnies in our machines, top stitching, button holes and dishonest people. Super wonderful person!

Amy Butler has organic cotton bedding coming out soon!  {Spring Quilt Market - Pittsburgh - 2009}

Amy Butler is a “neighbor” of mine. She lives a few towns over from me. I have met her once before and I was absolutely shocked that when I walked over to her booth she greeted me with, “Hi Trish! You made it here! So good to see you!”. One time I met her and she remembered my name, remembered the thank you card I had sent her for helping me out, wow! I hope I can have a memory like that! I mean, she is one busy person so that’s pretty impressive. No doubt, one of the reasons why she is so well liked. Not only does she make amazing things but she is one heck of wonderful people person. So very warm and just nice, nice, nice. One of the things I’m trying to push with my line is for it to be green. And Amy and I had a nice conversation about organic cottons and dyes, and recycled materials and where the demand currently is. SO, listen up…if you are someone who thinks it’s important for us to support farming in the US, support organics, support sustainable business practices – you need to let the textile companies know that you want and will pay for organic cottons. It would be great to see there be a cry for green products in this industry!

She's bringing "denim" back!  Cute jeans coupled with her fabrics. {Spring Quilt Market - Pittsburgh - 2009}

(Are you sick of seeing photos of me yet? Sorry, my first market - playing major tourist!) Patty Young had a colorful little booth and her handy husband was with her over in the Michael Miller area. You gotta check out her blog and read about what happened before she got to market. Holy moly! But as you can see, her booth looked fabulous. And her new sewing patterns – they are really cute.

Lila Tueller - top notch lady!  So wonderfully sweet! {Spring Quilt Market - Pittsburgh - 2009}

Lila Tueller, she started all of this! Oh, she may not remember BUT Lila was kind enough to browse my portfolio last fall and sent me the nicest, longest e-mail about how I needed to take my work to the next level and that I had really great quality work. She gave me all kinds of tidbits of advice that got me started on my portfolio. So when I met Lila finally in person, she could not have been nicer. She made my day because she was just gushing over my portfolio and made me feel so good on a day when I was feeling incredibly nervous and doubtful.

And her niece Chelsea,

Pink fig patterns - I love 'em!  {Spring Quilt Market - Pittsburgh - 2009}

you’ve heard me say before, amazingly easy patterns! Looking for something cute to make, easy – I mean I made my girls Easter dresses from her Lily pattern in about 3 hours.

All in all, a great trip. I took that first leap. I made all the connections. I networked. And now I have 3 great leads I’m working on. Within a month, I should either know if I’m getting my own line now or if I have to try again later. I’ll keep ya posted!

Aren't these beautiful?  Wouldn't they be great for an outdoor evening party?  These were at the Baby Lock booth.  I would LOVE a new serger from them. hint! hint! wink! nudge! hip shimmey!  I know my husband reads my blog so excuse me while I drop a HUGE hint here.  {Spring Quilt Market - Pittsburgh - 2009}

I can say, my stomach feels much better now. I got so many emails and voicemails from family and friends who said they were praying for me while I was at market and I have no words to tell you how much I appreciate that.

I was asked to provide a giveaway for a website called TryHandmade – way cool! Hop over and give them a peek and subscribe to their newsletter. This country is packed with fantastically talented women!

I may be slow to post for the next few weeks…drawings to complete, orders to go out, shows to prep for, kids to take care of, and oh yeah, I actually have a “real job” too! So what’s new with you? Drop me a line and let me know what you have going on in your sewing room!

Xoxo, Trish

Off we go....

This little new design will be holding my portfolio for me at Quilt Market.  I'm still working out the kinks on it so expect to see this bag for sale sometime next month with a bit more angle to the sides.  Love it though!  What do you think?  I think I'll call her "Charlie". OK, so I have barely touched my sewing machine in the last couple of weeks.  I have had meeting after meeting with my design team about my portfolio.  Picking out colors and getting things just so...so...so, I have to confess.  I don't know what I'm doing.  This whole, "trying to be a textile designer" thing has my stomach in such knots.  I don't have a clue what I'm doing.  It's all one big guess.  I drew up some sketches, my wonderful girls - Sonya and Melinda (you girls ROCK!) managed this whole project, digitized my designs, and made me look way cool on paper.  Never in a million years could I have accomplished any of this without them.  And for as much as I have prayed about this process, about the path I am on - I have to believe I'm moving in the right direction.  Melinda goes to my church and we started chatting about this months ago and it has snowballed from there.  I just see God working in so many aspects of this journey and it's pretty darn amazing.  Whatever happens, happens.  I have faith that I'll be just where God wants me to be, what is best for our family.  But...I could sure use some prayers.  When I say my stomach has been in knots I mean like morning sickness anxiety crazy blah magnified like 20 times.  My heart is pounding the minute I wake up because I'm thinking about what I have to do that day for deadlines and orders and getting things out so I can make it to Quilt Market.  Very stressful.  Although, Thursday night before market, Carla (my husbands way wonderful Aunt who has been one of "the" buyers for a HUGE retailer for the last 25 years - she's been so supportive and calming for me) will be arriving early at our hotel and plan on a nice long relaxing meal out.  Rarely do I go anywhere without kids so I'm kind of looking forward to just a little night out.

This all started with Joan.  My friend Joan said, "you ought to do home parties" for my purse sales.  So she hosted a party for me at her house.  It went well and so it grew from there.  Then she introduced me to Jodi.  Jodi is another graphic designer guru who created my logo.  If you like my branding look, that is all thanks to Jodi.  She has this way of crawling in my head and getting just the right thing.  She designed my sewing pattern covers that will be out late this year.  She's awesome.  Then there is Suann - from Bows and Blossoms, who said I should look into this site and that site for website designs and hosting.  Saved me a ton of money (hopefully, I'll be launching the new site in the next week or two).  And there is Jill, one of my "best" customers who is turned into a great friend who shares retail therapy with me.  Barb who keeps me sane and lets my use her computer because "we only have dial up" at our house.  Crazy!  And Kris who helped push my business further too - and just has been a wonderful friend.  There have been so many wonderful people, friends, collegues and my sweet family - along the way that have helped push me along the path.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I love you guys - I am so grateful and incredibly blessed.  No matter what happens, I got friends and in the end, that's all that matters.  :>)  Ahhh...ok enough mush mush.

Adult tee

adult tee

caterpillar onesie

little birdie onesie

Just a few more shirt designs...the little onesies are $12.  Not up on etsy yet but eventually.  Email me if you're interested at twopeasinapoddesigns@gmail.com.  I HEART the little caterpillar one.  My girls are big on worms and the like so this is their favorite.

I'll hopefully have some positive things to report when I get back from Quilt Market.  I leave on Thursday.  I won't post again until after I get back.  Wish me luck!  I could sure use it.  I'll try to keep everyone posted on Twitter!

xoxoxo, Trish