Felting a who with what?

My sentiments exactly.

Being snowed in like we were last week...and over the weekend, and again this week...with the snow and the big flakes that won't seem to stop (I think we are a little over 22" for the week or so) encouraged me to actually try a few new projects like the crib sheet and necklace...and oh, yes, those boxes.  (hopefully some directions for you this Friday?  Don't hold your breath though, right?)

I've been hearing little snippets or seeing little things here and there about felting. What is that I wondered?  Do I have to have special tools?  Well, it's pretty simple.

Wool sweater.  Hot water wash.  Tumble dry.  That's felting.

So, the peas, little sprout and I...

made one of our trips over to see what's cool at the goodwill store.  I've had some pretty good scores there before.

We found some great sweaters.  The quality of wool makes a difference.  One sweater felted much nicer than the other.  One didn't seem to change the weave very much.  Felting should make it really tight.  After completing my project, and thinking about writing this post...I found this very helpful link.

Found many good sweaters.  I cut into a beautiful Ralph Lauren cashmere blend sweater today for the wrist cuffs in a yummy grape color.  And I'm  in the process of making more of these...which sell like crazy in town at the coffeehouse.And I felted some.  Now what?  What do you do with this stuff?  Well, I did what I do and that is make a bag.  With an owl.  Love my owls.

Yep, a fun project.  And I love upcycling and reusing stuff.  Have you made any cool green projects lately?  Do share!  Send me a link and I'll share them all in another post soon!



You will have to speak up...

What's that you say?  I'm sorry.  Can't hear you over the whir of the sewing machine.  The giggles and screams of three kids.  The washing machine and dryer.  You will have to speak up... I've been a bit busy lately.  You know, the usual.  Filling orders like these and oh, yes, 18 aprons!  (Sorry no photos on those yet - they are off getting finished with Nova, my super accomplished wonderful seamstress helper).  Just the usual ho hum chaotic noise around here.....

WAIT!  No!  Not the usual!  I have some exciting news!

Hazel Hipster PatternSPROUTS!  Sprouts is finally here!

After a full year or so of designing pattern covers and kicking around which projects to pattern first - we have finally completed our first draft pattern from the Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs pattern line aptly called, "Sprouts".  (Sticking with the whole garden theme here...the gardener actually developed this name.  He's pretty good, isn't he?)

Sprouts, Pea sized projects you can complete in 3 hours or less.

Because really, who has more time than that?  And even at that - it'll take days, right?  As I type this now...I'm listening to the baby NOT take a nap and I'm thinking, there goes my tiny 2 hour block of time to do anything.  (she's quite skilled at pushing my sewing machine foot pedal while I'm not looking).

The Hazel Hipster.  Yep.  Here she is, in all her glory.

One of my friends from my twins club served as my "model" for the cover.  (Her Dad is also my accountant - he'll find some creative write off for me on this one I'm sure!)

I love, love, love this pattern because it is the FIRST purse I ever designed.  First purse I ever made.  And it is oh, so very simple.  The pattern is chock full of real life photos so you don't have to guess what I'm talking about - you can see it for yourself.  No line drawings or anything.  And the price.  Ya can't beat it.  Affordable.  And just think of all the bags you could make just in time for Christmas!  (Oh I see you out there rubbing your hands together!)

And you know what else is cool about it?  I made up a mini version so you can have matching Mommy and me bags.  The cute factor is just too much here!

Go quick before they are gone. And if you have any questions along the way as you sew - drop me a line at twopeasinapoddesigns at gmail.com.

There are a few giveaways going on with these patterns - you'll find them scattered about in blog land.  Keep checking back here - I'll keep updating the page at the top of my blog titled "Sprouts" - you'll find a growing list of blogs to visit where you might be able to win one of these Hazel Hipster patterns.

I have more SUPER exciting (ok, well for ME it's super exciting) news to share but I'll save that for next time.  I did mention, things were starting to go wonderfully around here.  I got into my first juried show.  Cool but that's not the big news.  Kind of bigger.  You'll just have to wander on back here later to find out!  (wink! and a head nod)

See ya soon,



Whoo goes there? Whoo? Whoo?

So many projects on the horizon my head is spinning.  Small steps.  Dreams starting to come true.  I'm very hopeful for the future.  Headed into a busy season.  A season of...craft shows.

Craft shows...never done 'em.  Going to do 3 this holiday season.  Yikes!  Any tips for me?

I was painting these last weekend in my attempts to start prepping for these shows.

I made one of these back when I was like 17, 18, 19 something like that.  Way long ago anyway.  Funny - owls are totally hot right now.

So, I started to paint some.  I haven't painted in ages.  Since before the peas were born I think.  I forgot what it felt like to have a brush in my hand.  Note to self - paint more often. I miss it.

As usual, whatever I'm doing, the peas must follow suit.  And so, I set them up with some paints and a few rocks.

Now, it's been said, artistic ability is hereditary.  My great-grandparents were artistic, my grandparents, my parents...ok my parents, not so much.  My Dad can build furniture and I guess that's kind of artsy but it's really the engineer in him.  My Mom can't even hardly draw a stick figure.

My husband, artsy.  My mother in law, beautiful painter.  Great aunt, sculptor.  Sister in law, sculptor (must check out her link!).  Anyway...so it doesn't surprise me that the peas are pretty artistic.

I just didn't know how much.

They copied my work beautifully.  And then created their own.

Flowers and strawberries and just abstract designs.  Incredibly beautiful.

And we talked about God.  And gifts.  And blessings.

And boys.  And popularity.  And other topics that I hate are coming up this early in life.  Not fair.

And we talked about these upcoming craft shows.  One is at Childrens Hospital.  So we decided that 50% of the proceeds from their "rocks" would go back to the hospital.  10% of my total proceeds from that show will go back too.  The rocks will have magnets and pins attached so you can wear them or use them on your fridge.

And...a bargain at $2.  Would you like to buy an original piece of art from THE Two Peas themselves?  They would be so thrilled.

Place your "order" in the comment section and be sure you leave an accurate email address.  We will invoice you via paypal and ship you a lovely little pin or magnet, only $1.00 for shipping.  You can choose an owl or "surprise".  Because, who knows what they will create.

It's a wonderful lesson for them about art, about life, about giving, about caring for others.

This goes along with our "I want to be like Oprah - philanthropically speaking" theme of late.  Giving is good.  Thanks for what YOU do to give where YOU are...

Whoo...will have a Happy Halloween?  YOU will!  Thanks for stopping by today...