THIS is Grace.

Grace and Brutus Buckeye This is Grace.  Just a normal, fun loving, funny, kid.

I've known Grace since the day she was born.  Actually, even before that.

Grace's Mom and I work in the same office and we have been friends for over 10 years.  Grace has always kept us laughing.  Her Mom tells the funniest stories of her adventures.  Grace is animated and says the darnedest things.  Really funny.

She's mostly a good sister to Isabelle.  She loves to dance and play with her American Girl dolls.  She's a girl scout and a good friend and a sweet girl.

I was with Grace's Mom a couple of years ago when she got the news that she had been whisked away to the hospital during a routine doctors visit.  Grace's Mom and I were on a retreat with our office and Grace's Dad called me.  He couldn't reach Grace's Mom on her phone so he called me.

Turns out, they ran a test in the office and found that her sugar was off the charts high.  He took her straight to Childrens Hospital.  They told him that Grace has Type 1 diabetes.

She was there for 3 days.  The peas and I went to visit her.  They asked me, "Does Gracie have cancer?  Is she going to die?".  I guess to a kid, that's what it seems like.  I bet Grace felt that way too.  What is this thing, pricking fingers, getting shots - what happened to me?

Remember when I said here that I want to be like Oprah - and I decided to start taking proceeds from my trunk shows and donating them to Childrens Hospital?  Well, that's what I did today in a round about way.  Today I gave to Grace.  Well, actually, YOU gave to Grace.  You who came to Dotty's trunk show.  YOU gave to Grace today.

Grace participated in the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) walk this past weekend.  It was a big success.  Grace helped to raise thousands of dollars that will go towards research in finding a cure.

Graces Dream Team

Grace and her girlfriends

After the walk, that evening, Grace, Grace's Mom and her sister were all reliving the events of the day and Grace said, "Mom, I hope we don't have a walk next year".  Her mom asked why?  Thinking maybe she didn't have fun but really Grace, in her wisdom way beyond her years said, "I hope there is no walk because I hope by this time next year there is a cure for diabetes".

Grace's mom told me that one morning a few months ago, Grace had this same idea.  She woke up and said she had a dream that while at school they called her name on the loud speaker and asked her to come to the office.  Once she got there they told her that she didn't need insulin anymore and that they had found a cure.

Here's to no more walks Grace.  Ever.

This is Grace.  Just a normal, fun loving, funny kid.



ps Got $5 to spare this week?  You can contribute to Grace's Dream Team by visiting the JDRF website, or just click here to go directly to Grace's JDRF page Your tax deductable donation goes right to the fabulous researchers who ARE so close to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.  In Grace's lifetime, it could be VERY real that it WILL happen.  Help Grace realize her dreams.

{Our Easter parade...}

Where do I begin?  So much I want to share with you but so little time!  The girls enjoyed a great spring break last week and if you were following me on Twitter you know we headed out to the the snow.  I love working at the largest university in the country - gives me a chance to network with loads of people and luckily, one of our alumni board members is a keeper at the Columbus Zoo SO, she was wonderful enough to give my girls a behind the scenes tour.  We got to see exactly what she does to care for the animals and a chance to see a grizzly bear, 2 alaskan brown bears and a cougar very close!  So cool!  No photos to share of that as we were not allowed to take any in the back areas but...check this out!

This is the cafe at the zoo.  See anybody else there?  That's right...when it's 20' windchill and snowing - NOBODY goes to the zoo.  We saw two other people there all day.

Here's the girls in the "jungle" with a researcher!  Ha!  100_27541And some cool looking birds we saw in one of the aviarys...where it was WARM.



The flamingos were out...


The manatees and sea turtle at the aquarium section...


100_2804And so on to Easter...we went to my parents house which was fun.  The girls got these really cool little jackets for their American Girls from the sewing room of the easter bunny, aka The Doll Closet on etsy.  Really cute!100_2798

And they had a blast!  I have to say, they looked BE-AU-TI-FUL in their easter dresses.  They turned out really well, if I do say so myself!  I got the pattern for these from PinkFig.  I used the Lily pattern and had to adjust some because my girls are a size 8 and the pattern only went up to a size 7.  I added some extras on the ruffle, etc.  They LOVED them!  If you are looking for an easy EASY to use pattern line - PinkFig is it!

100_2814100_2812OK, so I never did get them to stand very still for a photo but here's a few portfolio get the idea!



And then...I've had quite a few orders for dresses lately.  I have some already listed on my etsy page. But here's a peek at a few..




And matching ponytail ribbon explosion thingy whatevers on their way to etsy's a peek at just one of them...


100_2809Does the baby look happy here?  Poor thing!  Her sisters love her TOO much!  Well, lots of photos, not too much text.  Since Easter (yesterday) one of the peas has been diagnosed with whooping cough.  She doesn't look sick does she?  Exactly why we had no idea...since all she had was a nagging cough.  Our AWESOME doctor caught it and well, things are now quite hectic in our house so I'll be back next week with an entry about handmade stuff!  (I noticed at my Moms, my sisters - dang!  I make a LOT of stuff cuz it's all over their house from paintings to placemats! More on that next week!)

I'll leave you with one last little cutie - my baby's first Easter.  Next week she celebrates her first birthday.  A very special little day.  She was born on April 25th - the same day as my oldest sister.  My oldest sister  died when she was 15 from complications from mono.  My baby being born on her birthday was quite special.

God bless - hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday!  Ciao, xo Trish


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Contagious in Columbus

Ohio Statehouse

I bet you think I have fallen off the face of the earth, eh?  Almost.  Heavens...all 5 of us in the family got nasty colds and from there all heck broke loose.  I ended up with strep throat and was out, flat out, for 6 days and the twins ended up with pnuemonia.  Even the baby got an ear infection.  All is well now...we are on the mend, thankfully.

So much to write about I don't think I possibly can get it all in!  First, before we all got sick...we played hookey!  Oh yeah!  I decided we needed to do our own little field trip and so I took the little ladies out of school to attend the dress rehearsal of Alice in Wonderland put on by BalletMet.  It was great!  Amazing effects - the girls loved it!  photo4In front of the NBC 4 on the Square studio downtown


Abe Lincoln?


We walked a bit around downtown.  The girls loved it - they even started yelling when they saw the NBC studios - our own little mini times square kind of affair.  So cool! After, we hopped across the street to our statehouse and wondered around.  How cool is it to just walk in your statehouse and meander any old place you want?  Too fun!  Wait?!  Is that Abe Lincoln?  No...just pea goofin off in the gift shop.  They have a bunch of programs planned for Abe's 200th and of course, what celebration of Abe Lincoln would be complete without the hat?

We had lunch, and ice cream of course!  And the next day a fun day at the waterpark - Coco Key at the Cherry Valley Lodge.  Clean, nice - loads of fun and probably where we picked up our mega germs as we all were sick 2 days later.  Oh well!

Not much sewing or anything going on lately.  Some design work coming along -


Coco Key

Inside of Little Sophie

a sweet "Little Sophie" bag went to an expectant Mom recently.  I'm still taking individual custom orders if you are interested...let me know.

Little Sophie

I'll try to be more current with my postings from now on...send me "good germ" vibes, would ya?