{blessings from above}

Back when I was still doing home trunk shows, I was introduced to a sweet girl who has since become a dear friend.  We get together and lunch and "LOFT" as we call it which means - eat and shop over at the LOFT clearance racks.  Her husband used to play in our worship band at church and is very talented.  And she and her husband had been trying to have a baby.  And at a show, back in Autumn 2009, she ordered a baby quilt and all kinds of baby things from me.  But no baby at that time.  It was for her hope chest. Usually, when I sew, the door is open and kids come in and play while I stitch away.  That day, the day I was sewing up her order and making her baby quilt, I shut the door.  As I cut the fabric, I prayed.  Every time my fingers brushed against the fabric, I prayed.  As I ironed, I prayed.  As I sewed, I prayed.  I asked that God would please bless this family with a baby.  I prayed that the blanket I was making would soon be wrapped around a sweet baby, a gift from God.  I prayed, and prayed, and prayed with every touch of the fabric, with every stitch for my friend to please have the baby she so dreamed of.

A couple of weeks ago, those prayers were answered.

When I saw the preview photos on Britt's page, I lost it.  I mean, tears of joy, can't see the screen, bawling my eyes out lost it.  There, on that quilt I made and prayed over so intensely, lay a sweet blessing from above.  The answer to a prayer.  A perfect baby boy.  My friends baby boy.   I could not be happier for the proud parents.  Thank you GOD for You are good all the time.




Cure for the winter blues

Truth be told, Little Sprout is weaning from breastfeeding.

I'm one of those "green" momma's that believes that nursing her really helps to boost her immune system and has gotten her through our awful cold and flu season.  The babe has only had 2 nasty little colds to speak of.  Even with her sisters having had strep throat again and again, and whooping cough.  Sprout has stayed really quite healthy.  I had the same experience with my twins who I nursed until 20 months. They also stayed really healthy when they were so little.  Once they are bigger, bring on the germs.  I always thought the bigger they are the better they can handle being sick as opposed to when they are so tiny.

And so we've held on and kept at it as long as we could to give Little Sprout all the good stuff she needed to stay healthy.  And now we are winding down.  Which I believe has my hormones in a bit of an uproar.

Hence why my posts have been a bit "crazy" lately.  I call it the "winter blues" or "postpartum" um, 22 months later but whatever.  I'm trying to work through it and being honest about feeling "blue" I think is perfectly ok.

I didn't even know what it was as we started to wean down to one feeding in January.  Why was I feeling so tired?  Depressed?  Weepy?  Turns out that postpartum depression does occur when you are weaning from breastfeeding.  Who knew?  Now I know it's not in my head and I'm not crazy.  Or weak.

For some reason, as women, we have to be it all, not be weak, go, go, go, be all things to all people, never complain, never sit down, never stop and smile through it all and keep our kids and husbands happy.  I admitted to my husband the other day as I was crying while ironing that I was in fact, probably a bit depressed and hormonal.  To which he snickered and said some typical man kind of response.  I think it was like, "No kidding?  That's a surprise" or something like that.  He's seen me cry on my way to work, cry when I get home, cry while I'm reading blogs, cry while I'm cooking dinner...and when I can't quite put a finger one why the heck I'm crying...well, this is why I've adopted the mantra lately, "hormones suck".

I have nothing to cry about.  So, I've decided to slow down a bit to enjoy my family more and more.  Sleep more.  Make sure I get my vitamins.  Eat better.  Enjoy every moment more.  I think it will help me get past this shift.  It's weird to feel generally happy yet depressed at the same time.  To feel happy yet cry for no reason.  Have you experienced this?  If so, it's ok.  Make sure there are no little ears around and say it with me.  "Hormones suck".

I have so much to look forward to.

Like what you ask?

Well...I have two new patterns I'm working on that I hope to have done before April.  The Madison bag and an apron.

On the blog this month I'll be recapping a how to on our Jr. Ranger party, a tutorial for a really basic and simple softie, and I'll share my valentines storage box instructions.

I have two magazine articles I'm working on for submission.

I have a fun set of Jr. bridesmaid dresses to make for a wedding in New Orleans.

My birthday is...this month! (on the 24th actually!)  I have a really cool giveaway I'll be doing (Something fun from Patty Young for your iphone! and something from me)

LOST is in it's final season and I'm totally loving it.  Seriously.  LOVE.

Spring break is coming up this month and we are going swimming with the two peas and sprout.

And my Pocket Full of Posies projects series is currently being featured in Sew Hip magazine...I'm in the current March/April issue - issue 14. In the next two issues 15 and 16, you'll find an apron pattern and a wristlet pattern.  All based on the pocket from the apron - same pattern, 3 very different projects.  Here's a sneak peek at the flower banner from the current issue.

Thanks for sticking with me.  I think it's really important to support one another.  I think many of us have experienced this at one point or another in our lives and it's always so hard to admit.  But, me saying it out loud to my friends, my family, here on the blog - has helped me to see it and focus on making it better rather than to continue to let it suck me down a black hole.

And mostly, I write this blog and print the posts out for my girls to read someday.  I never want them to think they have to be perfect.  I want them to always know it's ok to be less than perfect, to admit it, and to ask for help and support.

This week - my focus was on Sprout.  Here's what made me smile...

This is MY cure for the winter blues.  Simple pleasures not lost in the clutter.  Hope you are well...see you soon!



Matthew 11:28-29 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." (thank you for the reminder Beki)

Um, hello? Why didn't you tell me how easy this was?

I just want to know why you never told me how easy this was?  Seriously!

Little Sprout has this problem.  She's a tummy sleeper.  And about every other day, she wakes up with the front of her wet and she's has to take a bath and I have to change her bedding.  So, I need a fair number of sheets for her mattress to keep up.

I was shopping in town for fabric that was on sale on Super Bowl Sunday.  This Anna Maria Horner flannel is so soft and pretty.  I love it!

Have you made a crib sheet before?  I twitter friend recommended this tutorial.  Literally, a 2 yard cut of fabric and some elastic...30-45 minutes later, you have a crib sheet!

Honestly, all it requires is cutting out 8"x8" squares from each corner, sew those together, hem the whole sheet, sew on elastic in corners.  I couldn't believe how simple it was.  Or how cute too!

And we are also working on the Two Peas birthday.  On the 20th, my little twins will be turning 9.  We are having a Jr. Ranger Birthday Party at Dad's park in the Ranger Station...with all the critters on display, toads and snakes and turtles.  We are going on a treasure hunt hike in the snow, making little beaded owls to hang on their field bags I'm making everyone, and going to see and touch and learn about the animals on display there.  Should be fun...here's a sneak peek of the invites we made up with our scraps...

How to keep a baby somewhat clean 101

Was this a class you registered for back in college?  Yeah, me either.  It's one of those technical skill things you can't learn in a book but must experience in real life, right? Yep...so this is pretty much my mess maker, Little Sprout.

I had made a bunch of cute little bibs for her to wear back in the early days.  Loved these.  They caught what little drops fell as we fed her and they were so cute.  If I do say so myself.  This one is my favorite.

But that was then and this is now.

Little Sprout can no longer make do with those little cute fabric bibs.  We've moved on to industrial strength coverage here.  Attempting to utilize everything we've learned to date from our "How to keep a baby somewhat clean 101" course.

Who can resist the new oilcloths that are out?  I fell in love with the Amy Butler LOVE collection of oilcloths but ouch!  They are pricey.  I decided I could afford a quarter yard of two different prints.  They are 54" so you get a little more which is good.

I doubled up the oilcloth so that the laminated side was exposed both front and back.  I worried that if the cotton back got stained it wouldn't stay looking nice.  I don't know if this is actually necessary though.  I didn't know much about the oilcloths but a Twitter friend shared this link with me.  I found it to be FULL of great information.

You can wash laminated cotton.  Who knew?  So I think the double up was overkill.  I mean, you could single layer the bib and throw it in the washing machine if needed.  But with the double sided, all I do is wipe and hang to dry.

Anyway, I traced an old bib and added like 15 feet of length to it.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  I mean, check out the mess this girl makes.

I made the bib wide and quite long.  It is long enough to actually lay down in her lap.  I layed the two pieces wrong sides together so the laminated cotton was facing out on both sides.  Then I made my own bias tape and sewed it on.  Added some velcro at the neck.  Done.  Super simple.

A few notes.  I found that it's sticky.  You need a teflon foot to sew with.  I used one but it was still sticky.  I found this link that suggests using painters tape.  I think that would have done the trick for sure.  I also found that it can wrinkle kind of easily so you just have to be careful with it.

I ordered mine from Quilthome.com.  They carefully packaged it, rolling it and putting bubble wrap with it so it arrived in beautiful condition.

Thinking I'd be thrifty, I did not put a pocket on it.  Did you know the pocket is great for catching things like soup and yogurt that wee ones insist on feeding themselves as it dribbles all down the front?  So bib #2 WILL have a pocket.

I might even add an extra little tie under the arms to run around the back.  Just because.   While she typically dances in her seat, shakes her head wildly and giggles a lot - her bib gets out of place.  I think an extra strap may help to keep it down without me having to constantly adjust it.

I would love to actually do a table cloth with this fabric but it's like almost $20 a yard.  Too rich for us for a tablecloth.

Have you used the laminated cottons before?  What did you make and what suggestions do you have?



{Bad blogger, baaaddd!}

I know, I know...I've gotten behind.  I'll blog more later...I promise. The girls are in swim team which is very time consuming with practice in the morning and the evening and quite frankly, they are just home.  Enough said...right?  I mean, I'm making full out fancy lunches to keep them fueled for practice and really, my only "me" time for sewing, which is really for everybody else as I'm working on orders, is during nap time.  Of which, I am blessed to say that around 2pm, the baby, AND the twins AND the hubby are all usually asleep for a good hour or so.

My little apprentice helping me with my Sew Serendipity pattern

I'm doing trunk shows again this summer and I'm making a new top to wear to these shows.  I got this pattern from Sew Serendipity and I picked out 3 fabrics from Amy Butlers Daisy Chain line to go with it.  I'll share when I get it done...you can see the baby is my little helper, reading at such an early age and helping me to figure out button holes.  yuck, right?!

And I did get a slew of those notebook covers done for my girls teachers just in time for the last day of school.

Notebook covers

I have a handful of new bag designs I'm working on.  A hobo bag that my friend said it looked like the snap flap on it was a maxi pad - oh thanks Renee : ) SOOOO I'll be reworking that little design into something um, a little more pleasing of a shape.

Also trying out new ideas for backpacks.  Had a vision last night of how to put a zipper top on it but it would actually be on the front panel...hmm, gonna try that one out tomorrow.  Cross my fingers it works.

When I get a bit more time, I'll post more and share more.  Hope the start of your summer is going well.  Keep in touch and don't forget our monthly giveaways!  Set of market bags this month from recycled fabrics - Go Green!

xoxo, Trish

{i love the gardener}

The view from the back end of our garden looking down our sledding hill into the pasture I love the gardener.   I can say that because I do, truly, madly, deeply. The gardener, my husband, has been working hard lately at making sure we have a wonderful harvest this summer and fall. He has planted a variety of delicious vegetables for us and we can’t wait to enjoy them.

Food is one of those things that is really important to us. That sounds strange because, duh, like isn’t food important to everyone? What I mean is food quality. How food sustains us. Nourishes us. Takes care of us.

Maybe we’ve talked about this before but it’s been on my mind again lately. Food. On both sides of our family, we have a high rate of cancer. Not a good family history to have. I have always been pretty conscientious about what I feed us meaning trying to eat whole foods.

Our sugar snaps are already getting big!  Can't wait!

Fresh foods that I can identify. You know what I mean? Honestly, my husband and I are a lot more “junk food junkies” than I probably care to admit but we’ve been so careful with our children and what we feed them. I have tried to feed my kids quick crummy foods once in awhile out of convenience and dog-gone it if they’ll have nothing to do with it! They love sugar of course – ice cream, etc but they would so rather eat ice cream with strawberries on top rather than chocolate any day.

There is comfort in knowing that they know where their food comes from. They know the cows across the street are beef cows and they know the difference between black angus and jerseys. They know that local foods are better for the environment because they travel less distance, use less energy in getting from farm to our table. They know that fresh whole foods will make them strong and keep them healthy.

I was reading some reviews for a book from Mariel Hemingway called Mariels Kitchen. It looks like a great cookbook. She talks about how her husband was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and that with a strict diet he went into remission. Now, I don’t know that we can say that diet alone can “cure” cancer but it makes sense that the garbage we ingest can trigger things to go awry in our bodies. I think we’ve all read about girls going into puberty at early ages and finger pointing at hormones in our meat and dairy products or plastics. Doesn’t it make sense that the fewer chemicals, antibiotics and hormones we ingest – the purer the foods we eat, just keeps us healthier, right?

And so it’s something that is important to our family.  Seems like in our family, you are born with that passion for good food. We had some corn on the cob the other night and cut some off the cob to serve the baby.

MMM! Corn on the cob!

She would have nothing to do with it! She just kept pointing at the girls who were eating their corn. So, I handed her an entire cob and with the widest mouth she just took a huge crunchy bite of corn! It was so funny! How did she know how to eat it? She loved it!

Tonight, neighbors next to the park where my husband is a park ranger called us at home because they had something for him to pick up. My husband came walking in the door with a HUGE heaping mound of organic strawberries. Unbelievable! Everybody dug in instantly, including the baby who couldn’t stop screaming for more!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know that I am relishing my twins being on swim team right now. An hour and 15 minutes of free time for me 3 times a week. I LOVE IT! I just sit pool side and read, chat with new friends, and read blogs on my iphone. I NEVER, EVER, ever never, never ever, get free time like that. 7 days a week, 18 hours a day usually, I’m doing something for someone, cleaning, cooking, changing diapers, nursing a baby, taking care of kids with homework and bath time and cleaning up toy rooms, and running a business, and being a landlord, and oh my gosh, the list goes on and on and on. And it’s no different than any of you, right? We all do it. Over schedule, over commit, multi-task til the cows come home. So swim team is the greatest blessing ever! And my girls are loving it.

I am rambling aren’t I? The whole reason I brought up swim team was actually because I’m reading a book called “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver. She relates her families move from Arizona to Virginia and their foray into feeding their family with local foods as much as they can. It’s a great read and I very highly recommend it!

Sewing? Oh yes, plenty of that going on always. I have some new designs I’ll share with you next post. A new backpack that I STILL have not perfected (how in the heck do you attach the zipper placket to the gusset and not have any seams show?), a hobo bag, and a few other gems. I have trunk shows booked already for June, July and August. And I’m getting some great feedback and encouraging words from some of these textile mills. I’m very hopeful that I’ll have my own fabric line soon. Oh, so very, very hopeful. It can’t come a day too soon for our little family!

Always very thankful and in awe of God’s grace in our lives. Surrounded by miracles all around us. Ain’t it grand?

Xoxo, Trish

Off we go....

This little new design will be holding my portfolio for me at Quilt Market.  I'm still working out the kinks on it so expect to see this bag for sale sometime next month with a bit more angle to the sides.  Love it though!  What do you think?  I think I'll call her "Charlie". OK, so I have barely touched my sewing machine in the last couple of weeks.  I have had meeting after meeting with my design team about my portfolio.  Picking out colors and getting things just so...so...so, I have to confess.  I don't know what I'm doing.  This whole, "trying to be a textile designer" thing has my stomach in such knots.  I don't have a clue what I'm doing.  It's all one big guess.  I drew up some sketches, my wonderful girls - Sonya and Melinda (you girls ROCK!) managed this whole project, digitized my designs, and made me look way cool on paper.  Never in a million years could I have accomplished any of this without them.  And for as much as I have prayed about this process, about the path I am on - I have to believe I'm moving in the right direction.  Melinda goes to my church and we started chatting about this months ago and it has snowballed from there.  I just see God working in so many aspects of this journey and it's pretty darn amazing.  Whatever happens, happens.  I have faith that I'll be just where God wants me to be, what is best for our family.  But...I could sure use some prayers.  When I say my stomach has been in knots I mean like morning sickness anxiety crazy blah magnified like 20 times.  My heart is pounding the minute I wake up because I'm thinking about what I have to do that day for deadlines and orders and getting things out so I can make it to Quilt Market.  Very stressful.  Although, Thursday night before market, Carla (my husbands way wonderful Aunt who has been one of "the" buyers for a HUGE retailer for the last 25 years - she's been so supportive and calming for me) will be arriving early at our hotel and plan on a nice long relaxing meal out.  Rarely do I go anywhere without kids so I'm kind of looking forward to just a little night out.

This all started with Joan.  My friend Joan said, "you ought to do home parties" for my purse sales.  So she hosted a party for me at her house.  It went well and so it grew from there.  Then she introduced me to Jodi.  Jodi is another graphic designer guru who created my logo.  If you like my branding look, that is all thanks to Jodi.  She has this way of crawling in my head and getting just the right thing.  She designed my sewing pattern covers that will be out late this year.  She's awesome.  Then there is Suann - from Bows and Blossoms, who said I should look into this site and that site for website designs and hosting.  Saved me a ton of money (hopefully, I'll be launching the new site in the next week or two).  And there is Jill, one of my "best" customers who is turned into a great friend who shares retail therapy with me.  Barb who keeps me sane and lets my use her computer because "we only have dial up" at our house.  Crazy!  And Kris who helped push my business further too - and just has been a wonderful friend.  There have been so many wonderful people, friends, collegues and my sweet family - along the way that have helped push me along the path.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I love you guys - I am so grateful and incredibly blessed.  No matter what happens, I got friends and in the end, that's all that matters.  :>)  Ahhh...ok enough mush mush.

Adult tee

adult tee

caterpillar onesie

little birdie onesie

Just a few more shirt designs...the little onesies are $12.  Not up on etsy yet but eventually.  Email me if you're interested at twopeasinapoddesigns@gmail.com.  I HEART the little caterpillar one.  My girls are big on worms and the like so this is their favorite.

I'll hopefully have some positive things to report when I get back from Quilt Market.  I leave on Thursday.  I won't post again until after I get back.  Wish me luck!  I could sure use it.  I'll try to keep everyone posted on Twitter!

xoxoxo, Trish

April Giveaway Winner(s)!

Why is it after everybody else gets sick - then Mom gets sick? Blah...I've been battling a cold this week and working with my design team to get my design portfolio done in time for Quilt Market and I have totally gotten behind! I REALLY meant to be able to draw the name for the giveaway for April AND actually post the item but that will have to wait...the photo I mean, because I'm still working on the item. BUT - we chose two winners. Couldn't just choose one - it's Sophie's birthday month - so we picked two. And I will post a photo of the uber cool accessory bag I'll be sending out to both of them...

The winners for April: Carrie and Nova437. I'll be emailing you both to get your mailing addresses. See?! Wasn't that easy...and you said, you never win anything and yet, ta-da! You won something! Yay!

Don't forget, giveaways every month. For May, it's a shirt! Check out my kids and adult tee's over at etsy

Post a comment or email me, just talk to me so I'm not just talking to myself out here - and you'll be entered to win. Super simple, who doesn't like to chat? And I could really use your feedback...I'd love to know what you like, love, have mildly warm feelings for in my designs and creations.

Be back soon with more stuff...but I have got to sleep off this sinus goop.

xo, Trish

{My sweet little one turns one...}

MMM! Cake!  She didn't actually like the cake - just the frosting and the ice cream. My sweet little Sprout turned one over the weekend.  We had a little lunch party with family and then went to see the twins in a musical, Noyee's Fludde, at church.  Big crazy day but fun!

The best is that the day was so sunny and perfect we went outside.  I "tried" to put Sprout in the grass and she completely freaked out.  Wouldn't let her feet touch, started to shake, cry, wave her hands about wildly.  Is this a common baby thing?  I mean, we LIVE outdoors so this can't be good...

Her favorite gift - a toothbrush.  She LOVED the toothbrush that her Grandma gave her - it was too funny!  Would NOT let it go, for ANYTHING!

In case you can't tell, they were wolves - you know, two by two, they went into the Ark.  This was my feeble attempt at a costume!

I also tried to come up with a couple of new designs...which requires several tries typically.  Hence why this little purse went to a friend of the neighbor to give her little girl.  I know, I know...it's lopsided.  Hello?!  That's why its a design sample!  I freehand cut this stuff and who knows what will happen with it.  Any thoughts?  Like, love, hate?  Not sure where to go with this one...

New crazy design...hmmm, back to the drawing board

The little wristlet one I like very much - but it is also all crazy lopsided.  I'll figure it out sooner or later.

Be sure to check out the etsy site because I have loaded both adult and kids embellished vintage like shirts over there - they are $15 and $16 and right now, FREE SHIPPING!  Can't beat it for cute-ness like this and I'll have more designs coming soon.

Love this fabric from Robyn Pandolf

At the moment, I've been busy with color palettes, and naming collections, and looking over proofs for my fabric designs.  Quilt Market is in a couple of weeks and I'm gonna try like heck to get in there and get on board with one of the textile mills to produce my designs.  Wish me luck - prayers preferred since really luck has nothing to do with it.  The gardners' Aunt Carla is coming with me to help with Sprout while I'm chatting up with design directors.

It's been fun to choose my colorways and see my artwork get digitized.  I just hope somebody else likes it besides me!

Anybody using the placemat tutorial I posted?  Share your photos if you do!  Later this week I'll post our April giveaway winner so stay tuned and don't forget to keep in touch!  We'll have something else fun to giveaway for May - one of my t-shirts!

Happy Monday,

Trish xo

{Our Easter parade...}

Where do I begin?  So much I want to share with you but so little time!  The girls enjoyed a great spring break last week and if you were following me on Twitter you know we headed out to the zoo...in the snow.  I love working at the largest university in the country - gives me a chance to network with loads of people and luckily, one of our alumni board members is a keeper at the Columbus Zoo SO, she was wonderful enough to give my girls a behind the scenes tour.  We got to see exactly what she does to care for the animals and a chance to see a grizzly bear, 2 alaskan brown bears and a cougar very close!  So cool!  No photos to share of that as we were not allowed to take any in the back areas but...check this out!

This is the cafe at the zoo.  See anybody else there?  That's right...when it's 20' windchill and snowing - NOBODY goes to the zoo.  We saw two other people there all day.

Here's the girls in the "jungle" with a researcher!  Ha!  100_27541And some cool looking birds we saw in one of the aviarys...where it was WARM.



The flamingos were out...


The manatees and sea turtle at the aquarium section...


100_2804And so on to Easter...we went to my parents house which was fun.  The girls got these really cool little jackets for their American Girls from the sewing room of the easter bunny, aka The Doll Closet on etsy.  Really cute!100_2798

And they had a blast!  I have to say, they looked BE-AU-TI-FUL in their easter dresses.  They turned out really well, if I do say so myself!  I got the pattern for these from PinkFig.  I used the Lily pattern and had to adjust some because my girls are a size 8 and the pattern only went up to a size 7.  I added some extras on the ruffle, etc.  They LOVED them!  If you are looking for an easy EASY to use pattern line - PinkFig is it!

100_2814100_2812OK, so I never did get them to stand very still for a photo but here's a few portfolio shots...you get the idea!



And then...I've had quite a few orders for dresses lately.  I have some already listed on my etsy page. But here's a peek at a few..




And matching ponytail ribbon explosion thingy whatevers on their way to etsy soon...here's a peek at just one of them...


100_2809Does the baby look happy here?  Poor thing!  Her sisters love her TOO much!  Well, lots of photos, not too much text.  Since Easter (yesterday) one of the peas has been diagnosed with whooping cough.  She doesn't look sick does she?  Exactly why we had no idea...since all she had was a nagging cough.  Our AWESOME doctor caught it and well, things are now quite hectic in our house so I'll be back next week with an entry about handmade stuff!  (I noticed at my Moms, my sisters - dang!  I make a LOT of stuff cuz it's all over their house from paintings to placemats! More on that next week!)

I'll leave you with one last little cutie - my baby's first Easter.  Next week she celebrates her first birthday.  A very special little day.  She was born on April 25th - the same day as my oldest sister.  My oldest sister  died when she was 15 from complications from mono.  My baby being born on her birthday was quite special.

God bless - hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday!  Ciao, xo Trish


AND DON'T FORGET...post a comment and you'll have a chance at our monthly giveaway!

Giveaway and another year...going, going....

Almost gone! First, a giveaway and the time is almost gone! I have a sweet little spring hipster (see the fabric selection in the previous post) waiting to find a new home. Post a comment or send me an email and we'll put your name in a hat for this little bag. The winner will get their bag shipped out to them next week. SO COMMENT NOW!! OK...and so, another year has come and gone. I celebrated a birthday last week and I'm crazy crepe papernot exactly thrilled at the aspect of moving ever so closer to...gulp, 40. I mean, really, 40?! I still have a few years left but it's out there, looming ahead and just waiting to snatch me up into its clutches. So when I woke up to yet another birthday this week, I have to say I was not feeling all that chipper about the day.

I went off to work and sat in my office in silence most of the day. Our students are off on Spring Break and so most of them are out sunning on a beach somewhere or hiking in the mountains. Nothing exciting about the day. Just an ordinary day. But wait...

I knew something was up when I called my sister on my commute home. She said, as we were about to sign off, "have fun tonight with everything". What everything? What are you talking about? She says, "oh, I don't know." I asked her, what do you know - did you call my house? She said, I might have called your house. Just have fun, ok. Smiling to myself, I pull down our street and promptly lose cell connection (you've heard me groan before about all of this right? We have no internet, no cable and very intermittent cell connection from our house. Drives me nuts!).

I pull up to our driveway and I wonder...why has someone marked the trees? They had tape around them - or so I thought. When I actually pulled in I realize that my entire driveway has crepe paper strewn from tree to tree that goes back and forth blocking the entire length of the driveway. My twins are standing in the doorway yelling "drive through it! drive through it!" and jumping up and down laughing and screaming as I drive slowly through all of the paper and get to a garage that is equally covered! Too fun!

I enter into our house - same thing! A combination of crepe paper, christmas garland, easter decorations and birthday balloons everywhere. They had a delicious lasagna dinner waiting for me compliments of my MIL, and a cake that had dots (?), yes those are my favorite polka dots on there, and my "birdies" that I applique on various things. The girls did the design work and I think it was quite clever. They presented me with a new hummingbird feeder, garden gloves, a bracelet and earrings, and my hubby gave me a dozen roses. I have to say, my blah, blah, blah birthday turned out to be the best ever. I "heart" my family - especially my husband. All that effort meant a TON to me...thanks.

Also this week - just pure random-ness here - Sprouts hair has been wild. Wild!Crazy! She's been sporting this crazy hair all week and I keep wetting it down and it pops back up! Too funny. But with her hair getting longer I can finally really use the barrettes I bought from Suann at Bows and Blossoms. They stay put - well - when she isn't pulling it out - and I love this one with her initial on it. Suann makes uber cute things, super great price and SUPER fast shipping. Check out her site here because she has some of the cutest new things for Spring.Go Bucks bow

Coming up next - bunny tutorial!

A little something you can handstitch for the easter baskets or decorate your table with or just love on! Fun!

Ciao! xo, Trish

Contagious in Columbus

Ohio Statehouse

I bet you think I have fallen off the face of the earth, eh?  Almost.  Heavens...all 5 of us in the family got nasty colds and from there all heck broke loose.  I ended up with strep throat and was out, flat out, for 6 days and the twins ended up with pnuemonia.  Even the baby got an ear infection.  All is well now...we are on the mend, thankfully.

So much to write about I don't think I possibly can get it all in!  First, before we all got sick...we played hookey!  Oh yeah!  I decided we needed to do our own little field trip and so I took the little ladies out of school to attend the dress rehearsal of Alice in Wonderland put on by BalletMet.  It was great!  Amazing effects - the girls loved it!  photo4In front of the NBC 4 on the Square studio downtown


Abe Lincoln?


We walked a bit around downtown.  The girls loved it - they even started yelling when they saw the NBC studios - our own little mini times square kind of affair.  So cool! After, we hopped across the street to our statehouse and wondered around.  How cool is it to just walk in your statehouse and meander any old place you want?  Too fun!  Wait?!  Is that Abe Lincoln?  No...just pea goofin off in the gift shop.  They have a bunch of programs planned for Abe's 200th and of course, what celebration of Abe Lincoln would be complete without the hat?

We had lunch, and ice cream of course!  And the next day a fun day at the waterpark - Coco Key at the Cherry Valley Lodge.  Clean, nice - loads of fun and probably where we picked up our mega germs as we all were sick 2 days later.  Oh well!

Not much sewing or anything going on lately.  Some design work coming along -


Coco Key

Inside of Little Sophie

a sweet "Little Sophie" bag went to an expectant Mom recently.  I'm still taking individual custom orders if you are interested...let me know.

Little Sophie

I'll try to be more current with my postings from now on...send me "good germ" vibes, would ya?

Happy Little Chefs Birthday Party 101

I know it’s taken me awhile to get back to sharing all the details from the girls party. I have had a lot going on. Dealing with a husband who has been in training a lot lately and our crazy schedules. I mean, seriously, he came home with band-aids on his wrists because they got cut up while they were in defensive tactics practicing handcuffing. Playing a bit rough aren’t we boys? I’ve been working like mad on fabric designs and trying to decide on what to present for my first line, planning for Quilt Market including things like little giveaways, booth design, and of course, product! I have an appointment with one of the fabric companies on the first day of Market to present my designs so I’m super excited that truly, this Fall, I may have my very own line! That would be a dream come true! And the baby, well, she finally got up and crawled this week and started to pull herself up to a stand all within days of each other. So, keeping up with her just got a whole lot harder. So, as I do all day while I’m working either on campus or in my studio, I’m usually listening to music on my iphone. Quite frankly, as my husband says, I’m addicted to it. My iphone is never far from my hand – I do love it. And I like to share what I’m listening to because it inspires me and keeps me focused through the day. Lately it’s been Mercy Me and one of my favorites of the week has been a song called “Bring the Rain”.   I love this song, especially when I have had an especially trying week, and it just makes me feel stronger. You’ll love it, check it out.

Little Chefs…oh yes! The twins had a great 8th birthday party. I’ll give you my “Party 101” details on what we did and maybe you’ll find some ideas to use for the next party you host. First, we sent out invitations on little note cards that looked like recipe cards and said something about good food, add friends, mix well for a great birthday celebration. We added 3D cupcake stickers to them.

The party roomFor each girl, I made them an apron and an apron for their American Girl doll.  (You can find your own on my etsy site).   I just used up scraps from my scrap basket and other old fabrics. I added a pocket for each girl and appliquéd their initial on the front panel. As each girl arrived, my girls gave them their aprons to put on.

Once everyone was here, we got started on making our lunch. I used little Dixie cups to put each serving of ingredient for each girl. We made chicken enchiladas and I just brought out each ingredient one at a time and had them add, mix and then stuff their tortillas. We put them in one big casserole and then left them to bake.

While lunch was cooking, we decorated cupcakes. I had purchased treat boxes that held 4 cupcakes per box. We had mounds of different types of candies and frostings so they could decorate their treats. I must say, a lot of candy did not make it to the cupcakes but got eaten instead! They loved getting to be creative. I gave them a few ideas and they were off and running. I had set the table with 2 sets of tablecloths. The bottom layer was a vinyl tablecloth we keep. The top was a plastic disposable table covering. When they were all done with the baking and cupcake decorating…I left the entire mess on the table and just wrapped it up in the table covering and tossed the whole thing. It was great! Then, underneath, I had a nice clean table ready for lunch. The girls went off and played for about 10 minutes while I set the table and got the rest of the food out.

I had just a simple centerpiece which consisted of wooden spoons with the chicken enchilada recipe attached. This was one of the favors the girls took home. I also had playdough thinking we would make mini treats for the dolls but we ran out of time so they just took that home with them. I had treat bags to pack their aprons in as well that had cupcakes on them and pretty much their favors were their apron sets.

After lunch, we did an egg relay race. They had to balance a plastic easter egg on a spoon and go on a course through our house. They were nuts doing this and had a lot of fun. We opened gifts and then they played out in the girls playhouse for a bit and that was it. 2 ½ hours went by really fast and my girls said they had a great time.

So as I sit here trying to write this I can hear the baby up in her bed, NOT sleeping because she has just learned to stand and so guess what she’s doing besides sleeping…oh yes, standing in bed and talking. I can’t even lay her down, she instantly rolls over and grabs the rails to pull up. Any suggestions? This is short lived right because it’s a new trick? The other two are running around this afternoon avoiding chores. Of course, they are grounded today for being sassy yesterday and so today they have no privileges and have to clean all day. I’ve never seen anyone procrastinate or drag out a task longer than these two – their little “craft” area looks like a bomb went off. And when I told my little pea this, she said to me, “So! SO does your room!” Man! This is why they are in trouble for the sassing! Actually mine is quite clean right now for once…but I do need to get back down there.

stroller-quilt-and-blockHere’s a quilt I made this morning and a purse being sent out tomorrow for orders. I’m working next on one my patterns – cute little kitty cat thing. I’ll show you that sometime soon! Within 3 weeks, I’ll have 3 patterns ready to go out to testers and I have only a few bodies to edit and test for me. If anybody else is interested in being a pattern tester for me, let me know asap! Ciao, Trisholivia-in-kiwi-floral

Seriously? Could my life BE a bit crazier...really? Really.

I complain a lot here don't I?  I am SO glad you all are out there and just let me unload my woes.  Yeah, seriously.  I'm taking the day off of work tomorrow to clean house.  The MIL is coming to hang with the little one so I can zoom around and sort through junk that has been deposited...well, everywhere in my house so I can put some order in place.  And quite frankly, I'm looking forward to it.  Really.  I mean it.  I have a lot to look forward to this Spring and a good place to start is an organized house.  I have 4 bins of clothes and 2 bins of junk to go through and I can say...I am done.  I have gone through every closet, corner, nook and all of our house.  Started when I was pregnant...ah, in the fall of 2007.  Sprout is 9 months...I'd say I was fairly efficient, right? Don't laugh!  I hear you snickering out there...you got junk laying around too, don't you?  Come on,  you all email me on the sly and nobody ever wants to comment out in the open but hey, don't be shy.  You can own up to it.  Makes us all feel better to know we are not, gasp, perfect.

Anyway, still have some major cabin fever going on.  The kids are back in school..and guess what, they have Friday off!  Let's see, snow day, snow day, snow day...oh yes, let's have another day off.  I don't even know why they have it off but I for one, am headed off to our local science museum where we have a membership with the girls.  I can't take not even ONE more day in the house with them and their - oh I hate to admit this - crafting everywhere.

What have I done?  My little designers...they each made a quilt this week.  With scraps.  And a lot of glue.  A LOT of glue.   Once they dried, cute...and they put their new quilts on their sock monkeys (see sock monkey post) you should see the mess they left behind.  Now, they'll clean it as best they can but really, right now, my nerves are just frayed.  I'm crazy anxious about this whole - sewing industry leap - I'm about to take and...I don't know.  Is it just me?  Am I over sensitive?  Oh whatever!  :>)

I did get out on Sunday. 

Sprout took her first whirl around the park in the backpack.  Check out the thumb in the mouth.  Her top tooth just cut through that day.  We all enjoyed the sun although the trails were covered in ice so not so good for hiking.  It just felt good to get out.  And who would have guessed that it would 45' and everybody would be running around town with their car windows down and no coats.  Does that tell you how much we've become accustomed to subzero temperatures.  The 40's and we are all..."it's like Spring!".

And Thursday, I'm off to a meet and greet with Amy Butler. Like a stupid starstruck fan, I'm packing my camera along for sure.  My husbands aunt invited me - she's a buyer with the Limited brands.  She travels ALL the time to Paris, Rome, New York, Milan, etc for Limited in the textile industry and she's been trying to find me some connections to get my fabric line looked at.  So, she invited me to this little event and I'm really very excited and also nervous.  Will I get to talk to her?  If I do, what do I say?  "Ahh, hi.  I wanna be just like you."   No, that's stupid.  True, but stupid.  I'll just carry my bag I designed made with her fabrics and stare, I'm sure.  Listen, hope to glean off some secrets that will help motivate me to move MOVE MOVE these fabric patterns off to the testers and off the printers.  I just feel like I'm paralyzed though.  As long as I don't move, nobody has said no yet.  This is the whole anxiety thing.  See what I mean?

I'll end with this - there are much greater things in this life to fret over than a messy house and my nerves over my artwork.  My dear friend Kris, from LivyMarie handbags - you hear me chat about her once in awhile with her 5 kids she homeschools?  Well, her husband is having some heart issues and having surgery tomorrow morning.  Please lift them up in prayer as you read this.

Along with that, we have a local twins family who had their sweet peas born much too early.  They have been in the NICU and I made some quilts and hats for them last week.  My peas will deliver them next week and I'll share a photo later.  Please lift them in prayer.  Visit their journal and send them warm happy thoughts of the life to come for their family.

4:17pm.  I was going to leave the office today at 2:30 so I could work on some orders.  4:17pm.  Ugh.  Aprons are the hit lately...here's some more on their way to Morroco (is that how you spell it) to travelinmama who bought these on my etsy site.   She does some seriously cute paper crafts!  And I hope her little one likes the american girl set.

NOW I'm really, seriously, really...no I mean really, going home.  Really. Seriously.

Slan Leat, (a new one for me - goodbye in gaelic - a little nod to my Irish father)


The race is on...American Girl "closet makeover" contest!

So we are off and running on this idea of inspiring you to clean those closets and convert them into a great play space. I had to add new photos of ours. You know my kids didn't have school last week because of the snow and ice...missed 4 days of school. (deep breath. finding my happy place...hot cocoa in hand, ok...I'm there). My girls were hard at work rearranging things. We have new beds (don't ask where all the stuff is that was on the shelves - most of it is in the babies room. They said they don't need those other toys anymore. Shocking, I know.) 100_2659

We have new bedroom spaces complete with their dog house and cat house100_2661


and a new kitchen space. Looks good doesn't it?

100_2651 100_2648

Well, I started on making the aprons for their party. These are the doll favors and then the big girls get matching aprons. I'll post those later.

Not only will the super Mom who posts a comment / photo of your makeover get that cute little bag, we are adding in a special little apron with a Valentine theme. Hurry though because the "closet makeover" contest will end on February 7th.  (See our last few posting for our "closet makeover" contest)

I can't believe they are turning 8 years old already...rodeo-2this was taken when they were 2. They are still just as adorable and sweet and the greatest miracle we could have ever wished for. Thank you God for entrusting their lives into my hands and for these days we have to share and delight in all that they are. They bring such much happiness to our lives. (especially when they are in school - I'm just kidding...sort of! :>) !

SO...that's it! Get to work!!! And hey...if you want to buy your own set of party favor aprons, you're in luck! I have a listing on my etsy site. You can buy individual aprons or the whole set for a discounted price! Have fun with your makeovers. The "two peas" can't wait to see the results!

Snowed in, going "snow" crazy!

Ok, seriously. I adore my children. I do. (I mean look at little pea dressed in my coat and hat and purse - what's not to love?) I know it seems like I complain about them here and there but that's just the oh, so tired, me wishing for a break from motherhood Emma dressed as Mommajibber jabber.

However, my little ladies have been to school - by my calculations, only like 11 days this month. Early dismissal, late start, holiday, in service, snow, ice, more snow, snow, snow. And our district is half rural so buses just don't operate well out here. Plus, my husband was sick last week with strep throat. Didn't get out of bed for 3 days. He's also been working tons - my little park ranger has been very busy this season and we've not seen a lot of him lately. On top of that, I...oops, wrecked my car in the snow squall last week. Minor damage, very traumatic for the twins - we were all just fine. But, me, Miss "Oh, I'm a professional. I've had over 70 hours of defensive driving training in law enforcement and been involved in high speed pursuits" and blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I went left when I should have gone right - the whole steer into the skid thing - and around we went into a ditch. Bummer.

What have the the girls been doing? Well, playing in the snow for one. Eating snow. Knocking down icicles off of their playhouse. winter-2009-006

Finding who knows what in the snow and exploring. winter-2009-007

We live on 5 acres so there is always something to explore in our woods, etc. Check out this view from my studio window. winter-2009-009I could not resist a photo of the sun hitting the ice. Isn't this amazing? Be thankful for the little things God gives us. Simple pleasures.

The girls have also added on to the American Girl "closet" room. Now, it includes "3 floors". They've cleared off shelves and added more beds, a kitchen area AND an elevator. Oh yes, they rigged up a cowboy hat over their closet rod tied off to a knob on their dresser. Dolls can sit in the hat and be raised to the various levels. Their fraccessory-bag-in-nigella-vines1iends love it and have been inspired to clean out their own closets for their very own american girl closet bedroom. (See my last post) If your little one has been so inspired - LET US KNOW! I have a pretty little accessory bag for the super Mom who sends us a comment and photo of your special american girl closet room. I'll let the "Two Peas" pick their fav and we'll mail you out this sweet little bag.

Remember I said I was working on a baby bag set for my MIL who ordered for her niece, my husbands cousin? Well, little Laura Jane is about to receive this uber cool set. sophie-bag-interior-19A mix of pinks and browns. Yum-o!

A bag, sophie-bag-interior-32diaper wipes wristlet,


nursing coversophie-bag-interior-7and changing pad.sophie-bag-interior-5


I want to keep it for myself but I can make another...and another! Because I have this whole set on sale on my etsy site right now! You can buy the whole set or pieces of it. I love the birds especially on it...and I can do this whole set in an orange and brown combo too - great for a boy! I added some other fun things to etsy today as well. Almost everything is ready to go so you'll get your goodies super quick!

So, wish me luck! Here's to hoping we have school tomorrow! Momma needs a break...and I have too TOO many projects I want to get to! Look forward to some aprons and matching doll aprons to come soon for thier upcoming birthday party. I'm working on some design samples now. Fun!

Enjoy the snow! I'll be sewing away...

Ciao, TRP

Big Mac Attacks and American Girls

OK…so you know how some days are like a roller coaster? That’s the day I had yesterday. Up. Down. Up. Down. Exhausting because I’m Irish and I typically have a short fuse so I was really tired at the end of the day. Tired anyway because ah…hello?! The baby, still waking a lot at night. Whole other story. big-macLet’s begin. I have a special place in my heart for Big Macs, Big and Tasty’s…burgers and fries in general. And of course, Coca Cola. Fountain. I can do canned drinks but will drive out of my way to get a fountain drink. So, baby(s) #1 and #2, the twins. I gained 36# while pregnant with them. A week after they arrived, I had lost 31#. I thought, THIS is great! Baby #3, the singleton, I gained a “gulp”, 45ish#. Whateva. A week after she arrived I had lost…10#. And gradually I lost 3# here, 2# there…really slow. Mind you, I didn’t lift a finger to exercise. Not watching what I eat so I was content to think that eventually, when I was through this baby stage, I’d get back to my mountain biking and hiking regime. At 16# over prepregnancy weight – I stalled out. Stayed there for months.

Then 7 weeks ago, the baby starts teething and revs up her nursing demands greatly. My appetite goes crazy. I’m eatin’ big macs and whatever other garbage I can find…love cheese, breads…just eating in general. Favorite entertainment. I get on the scale yesterday. GASP! Prepregnancy weight on the nose! Bingo baby! I’m lovin’ this. I can eat whatever I want, do nothing AND lose weight. This may possibly be the greatest moment in my life. Seriously, you’re jealous, aren’t you? (smirk! Wink! Wink!) This was one of the up’s of the day’s roller coaster.

I decide to pop over to campus and work for a few hours. I have an event coming up next week. I wanted to clean off my desk which had a mountain of mail on it and I needed to make 2 phone calls. I decide to take the baby. I have my office all set with nursery stuff so off we go. She does great the first 30 minutes and then decides, um, today, I must be held by Mom or I will scream and annoy everyone in the office. Ugh! She never acts like this. Truly. She’s an angel. This was quite rare. Do you know how hard it is to type on a computer with a baby in your lap? It looks likoljlkjsfdk like thisdkjlkjda. Looks like that. Yep. Then crisis. An invoice unpaid. Who ordered what when where’s the PO? Dang, spent 30+ minutes figuring out the company double billed us and they were at fault. And then, a bank statement for a student organization – they had charged over the course of several years, $560 in “service fees” and we now owed them $4. Seriously?! Theft I cry and call the bank to straighten this out on behalf of our students. Baby still demanding Momma, desk still piled high with mail. Phone calls not yet made. After 2 hours and 40 minutes, I get my phone calls made and leave my desk a mess and leave. This was the down.

Head over to Ann Taylor LOFT. My favorite store. I was meeting up with my friend Jill. Jill had tried on a pair of pants I was going to return to LOFT and she loved them and wanted to buy them. They were more on sale than when I bought them so we were meeting at the store for me to return and Jill to buy them at the reduced price. Ladies, do you love deals?! Ok, brace yourself. I bought them on clearance for like $23. Jill paid…drum roll please…$4.88 PLUS 25% off that price. Oh yes…you heard correctly. We both start digging through the clearance section and doing a happy dance. I find THE deal of the day. A gorgeous deep blue with bell sleeved suit jacket. Originally, $119. On sale for….$7.41. Are you kidding me?! This was the big top of the hill coming down the roller coaster thrill of the day. A little retail therapy does wonders, doesn’t it? Insane good deals over there. This was the Whoo hoo of the day! I know, you are all giving me virtual high fives right now, I feel the vibe. It’s a good thing.

Then, I get home, get an email from my graphic designer with the cover options for my pattern line. An up moment. I heart them. They are perfect. My husband named the line (top secret for now! :>) and we both love the designs. The down side, to get started, the initial run of these will actually put us in the hole. It will take 3 prints before we break even and start to see a profit. Down down down. We decide to stop on the tracks and take a break to figure this one out. Anybody got any good business advice for us? It’s gonna happen…we just need to do a bit more planning.

Problem is, Quilt Market is right around the corner. May. We may not make it. The next market to try and get signed by a distributor is in the Fall in Houston. Way more expensive to go to. Hmmm…we’ve said it before, please pray for us as we figure out where we are being led and what to do with this business. I feel like we’ve hit a wall at full speed. End of roller coaster. That was the “Big Mac attack” of my day.

American GirlsThe “American Girl” part of my day…this is a long post, sorry. I have a lot to get off my chest (heave a sigh). My girls have been saving money from birthdays, first communion and Christmas plus allowance. They decided they wanted to buy themselves a new American Girl doll. Ok, so if you have kids into this you know, this is not cheap. The doll they want is $95. I have a $10 coupon to use. And we offer to give them $10 for their birthday in February. That puts one peas within $2 of having enough money and the other pea within $4. They beg to do laundry. I pay them 50 cents per basket. american girlThe dolls they picked out arrived yesterday and I put them in my closet. They are super excited.  The peas share a bedroom and they each have a ton of American Girl stuff already. We talked them into giving up some of the million toys they had outgrown and to clear off the bottom of their closet and they could “build” a “bedroom” for their dolls, hang pictures on the wall, etc. So here’s the result. My husband added some Christmas lights we were going to throw out to light it all up. They LOVE it. And now, several of their friends have decided to do the same. Cool idea, eh? Anyway, the jist is, I’m proud of them for saving their money to buy their own doll. Proud of them for doing such a super job at earning their allowance by working around the house. Proud of them for respecting and taking such good care of what they own. They are really good girls. I don’t know how that happened but they are surely, super special little things. I heart them big time :>)

And now, today…is the first morning in a LONG LONG LONG time I have had no real pressure to do anything. Of course, I have an order to do an entire baby set.  Large bag, nursing cover, diaper wipes case, changing pad. No biggie…I’ll get it done this weekend. It’s for my husbands cousin. I can’t wait to show it off to you later. I picked pretty little pink French wallpaper and stripes print with birds for their brand new Laura Jane. AND I just sent out a few things from some older orders…here’s a peek at one of them. Chloe with accessory bagI’ll get the rest loaded over on my portfolio later. Dial up…stinks. Can’t wait until someday we actually get internet service out here “in the country”…ohh, puulease!

Gonna also load a few "ready to go" items over in my etsy shop later. Check it out!

Ciao, TRP

Bows and Blossoms

This is Suann's uber cutie little girl.  Suann lives up in Marysville and has this awesome hairbow business.  I couple of posts ago, I put up a photo of my little one with a hairbow...this is one I purchased from Suann.  They stay in even in super fine baby hair. Anyway, Suann ordered a mommy and me purse set from me and I added in with her purchase a little dress for her daughter.  Suann made this adorable bow to go along with the dress.  I love it!  I love being able to find things handmade and made locally.  So share this link with your other "mommy friends".  When you order something from Suann - she sends it to you in this adorable little box, wrapped so pretty - it's like getting a gift!

As the snow falls outside my office window here on campus, and my baby is talking to her dolls on the floor here...and the big sisters were just dismissed early from school...I'm thinking we had better wrap things up and start heading home while we still can.  I love LOVE LOVE snow but hate driving in it, especially when I have the kids with me.  I think the baby could stay here all day - she gets loads of attention from everyone that walks by my office door...and the students think its funny that my office is set up like a nursery.  Hey, it works and everybody is happy!

Happy Snow day all!

Ciao, TRP

Bib Mania!

My hubby and I went on a little frenzy today with bibs for our baby! We chatted last night at bedtime about the designs and then this morning everybody chimed in on just how the different appliques should look.Andalucia fabric by Patty Young for Michael Miller I cut about 5 different designs and pieced it all together. Then we tried to put on the snaps. Shhheeezz! I think we busted about 10 of them before we gave up. SO...we dropped our older daughters at an afternoon birthday party and took a trip over to the local fabric shop for a pair of pliers designed to put on snaps. Hoping to catch a bite out to eat, we headed to the local wine bistro...not open. Then over to our old favorite, Village Wines, also closed due to renovations! And...we don't actually drink alcohol but our favorites happen to be wine bars, both these places serve amazing food! Next try, a local mexican eatery and it was open. We gobbled down a ton of chips, salsa and some mighty big burritos. Yummy! Hit the spot...oh, yeah, back to the snaps!

We get home with our new mighty pliers and my husband goes to work on the bibs. SUCCESS! We got the snaps on all of them and tried them on our little cookie monster! Too cute!

This gorgeous fabric with the heart I appliqued is a line called Andalucia by Patty Young. I love this designer...she has a fun blog and I love the surprise of colors from this line. I'm totally going to swipe her latest birthday party idea she posted for her daughter. She did a super fun cooking party and made the guests aprons, chefs hats and oven mitts. With my twins birthday next month, I'm thinking I may do the cooking thing and the aprons. Chefs hats and mitts...a bit too complicated for me :>) But, follow this designer. She's got fun ideas!

Anyway, the whole family enjFat little birdieoyed this process and my twins want to be sure that we bring their favorite, a brood of fat little birdies on orange dots, to church tomorrow. They think she should wear it all day, not just at meal time! I listed several on ebay and eventually, I'll get some up on my etsy site and my dot.com, whenever I get time to finish setting it up! I"m still working on finishing up some orders from Mary's party - kind of wierd because I lot of the fabrics are on backorder so I'm stuck waiting for them to come in to finish up.

So, what do you think of the fat little birdie? Cute isn't he? You should have seen my husbands idea for this applique...whew! He's a good artist but...I'm a better designer I think!

Ciao, TRP