Part Two

Our little Super Sprout turned 4 last month and I promised to share the details of her party and I started right HERE.  Oh I whined and complained about internet connection on that post and guess what?!?!  We just got a 4G myFi connection device from our cell phone carrier and hot dog!  We actually have reasonable speed and connectivity!  Feel like I've been living in the dark ages with no internet.  Super happy.  Super.  Happy.

Oh?  Party?  Yes...I was getting to that.

I trailed off on the last post when we were getting to the games.  So, here's the 411:

1) Super Hero Strength Training.  Sprout was kicking butt and taking names here.  We used one of those inflatable punching things...I don't know what they are really called - but I got it for like $6 at the store.  Worked like a charm.  The guests had to hone their power punches to get the bad guys.  Good times folks.  Good times.

2) Vaporizing Villains.  It was FREEZING cold outside the day of her party which is unusual so we had to keep everything indoors.  I hung up a plastic table cloth, taped up our comic book villains - add a can of silly string for every kid and wham-o!  Instant happiness all around.  Big hit.  Easy clean up.

3) Throw a Mighty Super Disc.  The peas had more fun with this than anyone.  They set up a million different stacks of these cups and then the kids would throw a ball or a frisbee and knock them down.  We played this for-ever.  They loved it.  Even after all the games were over, they came back to this one and asked if we could play it again.  Big hit.

4) Bat Cave. Not one single picture.  I guess we were having too much fun we forgot to get a picture of this.  I used about 4 black plastic table cloths and taped them up in a doorway and out into a room over some chairs and low tables to make a maze and create our dark "bat cave".  Then we threw in some "kryptonite sticks".  The kids had to crawl in and bring out 5 one at a time.  They did this over and over again.  So much fun!

5) Superhero Cape Ceremony. After each kid successfully completed the tasks set before them in the Superhero Academy, they were then awarded their superhero capes.  Sprout loved her her Super "S" cape!  And that also was one of the party favors for the kids.  Labor intensive - not too bad.  If anyone is interested, I'll be glad to share my pattern.  I actually just used one of baby bib patterns and enlarge it to get the neck shape and then freehand drew the rest.  It worked great!  I used ric rac trim, felt for their letter shield and then I made felt flowers for the girls and put those on the ties up front with velcro.  I made them all velcro closure.  And they are lined which in my opinion, made them easier to put together.

My friend Kristin, who also made the peas cake over HERE, (scroll through those pictures and you'll see Sprout at that party in her Batman shirt and tutu) made Sprouts Batman Cake.  It also had a bat signal spotlight cake beside it.  Now, Sprout asked Kristin about making her this cake for months and months.  When the time came, it turned out Kristin ended up with a foot injury and had to have surgery.  She was maybe 4 days post surgery with a bone added and about 10 pins when she made this cake.  Pretty darn amazing I think and Sprout LOVED it!

This was probably one of the easier parties I've done, thankfully.  And Sprout still thinks Batman is the best thing ever.