: : decking the halls : :

Striped drapes hanging at large window

One thing I don't own is a decent camera.  I'm cheap.  Good cameras are expensive.  And since we are now like most Americans, barely getting by with a huge increase in our health care payments, groceries and gas...well, iphone pics will suffice.  Once in awhile I throw in the old Kodak Easy Share 4mp camera...yes, I know.  Someday...someday.

So...in my desire to prep our halls for the holidays, I had purchased some neutral fabrics to make drapery panels.  I have always had valences hanging at this large window in our living room but I was ready for a change.  They were so outdated.

I wasn't sure if I was loving the stripes at first but now I love them.  Love, love, love.

Here's how I did it.  First, I measured from the curtain rod to where I wanted them to drop then I added in seam allowances plus 2".  The math got tricky here.  I had to figure out how many stripes did I want, how big they would be, add in the seam allowances, etc...I suck at math.  Truly, I do.  But with some trial and error I got to the point of a workable number and got to cutting my panels.  I have a very wide window I was covering and I knew I would never close these drapes so I made panels that were much narrower than my window thus saving on fabric and $$.

striped drape panel

Once I got my two panels pieced, I lined them with a bed sheet.  I bought a queen size sheet set and it worked perfectly.  Right sides facing, I sewed all the way around leaving a gap towards the top for my curtain rod plus an opening for turning the panel.  Turn the panel right side out and press.  I used steam a seam to close my opening where I turned the panels.  Then, I went back to where the gap is for the curtain rod and sewed across twice - large enough for my rod to fit - creating a casing.  Repeat for your other panel.

striped drapes hung at window

Voila.  Pretty simple.  Quick.  Cheaper than store bought (but still a little pricey in my opinion).  They brightened up this old room and gave it just the right punch for the holidays.

No pattern needed.  Just your math skills and some creativity.  You can do this, I promise!