: : Adding a new line to my resume : :

My bucket list includes not very many things but almost all of them have to do with sharing joys and lessons with my 3 daughters.  I want them to learn how to be strong, independent, self-reliant, creative, joyful, faithful, and gracious little ladies.  Sometimes, I set ideas on my bucket list and I think they are completely insane.

Just dreams.  Unattainable.

Then I think about my girls, and I think about what I am modeling to them in my own life.  And then I close my eyes and take a giant leap of faith and know that in all things that I do - they come by the grace of God.  I hope that my girls will have the courage and faith to dream big someday too.

One of my dreams was to write a book.  Many, many months ago I designed and sewed and drew and resewed and redesigned a large group of projects.  And I packaged them all up and sent them away with a little prayer that God would bless our family with opportunity and help me to teach my girls about hard work and accomplishment.

And today, I am incredibly humbled and proud and excited and anxious to share that my dream is coming true.

I have just signed a contract to publish my very own book with C+T Publishing that is due out in 2014.  I can't wait to share this process with my daughters and with you in the coming months.

So that's it...I'll be adding a new line to my resume now.  It will say, Published Author.  And I'll have a book I can put in my daughters hands that they can share with their kids someday and say, "My Mom wrote a book" and I hope it inspires them to chase their dreams and know that they can do anything in the world that they set their mind to.