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Growing a family.

August has been all about family for us (which has left me mostly absent from this space).

Family celebrations for the Gardener on his retirement from his Park Ranger / Officer job.

Family vacation to the beach.

Family visiting from California.

Family wedding at home.

Family hiking.

Family gardening and harvesting.

Family swimming, playing, eating, biking riding, shopping for school supplies.

We have been a busy family just being a family enjoying the last few days before school started.  The peas loved having cousins around and Aunts and Uncles and grandmas and a house full of people - there is much to be said about spending quality time together with family and firming up those relationships with our loved ones who live so far away.

We've been eating tomatoes for just about every meal lately and we have plenty to share.  I eat them on my bagels, eat them with cottage cheese at lunch, eat them with pasta in the evening.  Our garden has been plentiful this year under the Gardeners watchful eye.

The Peas started, gulp, middle school last week.  I am the mother of 2 6th graders.  Not sure how THAT happened but it has and so far, they love it.  They've mastered opening their lockers and they have been blessed with an amazing team of teachers who we have fast fallen in love with.

Sprout will be doing homeschool preschool with a lady who did the same with the Peas.  She is amazing and Sprout loves it and we love the small group - 3 students total.  She loves circle time and calendar time and craft time and science centers and more.

And the Gardener and I - we have some big projects we are working on.  He's organizing the barn.  And my "life"...he's quickly taken on the task of keeping ME on task whatever it may be.  I secretly, love it.  It does really help.  When you work alone mostly, it's nice to have someone check in with you and see what's going on, planning together, etc.  I'm terribly at keeping secrets but there is a secret I just have to hold close to the vest - but 2013 will be a fun year for our business.

So, we've been a family very busy with the business of family as of late and I'm sure you're the same.  Wishing you smooth transitions back to school, peaceful mornings, a perfect cup of coffee, and a little "me" time as summer comes to a close.  Be back soon with so much more...