{thrift store makeovers}

Without a doubt, one of my very favorite things to do...thrifting.  Or dumpster diving.  What is better than driving around town on trash day and finding some fabulous furniture pieces set out at the curb?  My girls have an amazing art deco style drawers with a gorgeous curved mirror...in the trash...and now adorns their fancy schmancy playhouse.  Thrift store decor...a serious weakness of mine.

Sometimes I keep the stuff I find and makeover.  Sometimes I give it away.  It's just fun to recreate something and save it from the landfill.

Here's one of my latest :: a new lamp for Sprouts bedroom.

THIS is what it looked like the day I saved it from the thrift store.  

A little spray paint to the base...

...and I added some doodles with my paint pen.

Then I covered the shade in fabric scraps and buttons...

In all, this project took me : 5 minutes or less to spray the base.  5 minutes with the doodles on the base once the paint dried.  10 minutes to add the fabric and buttons.  Pretty quick and Sprout loves it...it's in her room currently but I'm thinking about stealing it for my sewing room!

Have you any thrift store decor makeovers you love?  Your own or someone else's?  Share a link in the comments...

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