{imperfect = perfect}

Sometimes things that don't turn out the way you expected or hoped - end up being exactly the right thing.

Sometimes, when you try to bake your husband an angel food cake, from a box mix, that you've never made before and then you use a pan you've also never used, and then you bake said cake and you're not sure exactly what constitutes "done" - um, sometimes it comes out rather imperfect.

Such is life.

But the cake was perfect.  It was tasty.  A tad bit chewy.  And it provided many laughs for our friends who shared it with us.  And it has now been added to the list of "Trish cooking stories".  It goes along with the giblets I left in the turkey on Christmas day that we didn't discover until everyone was done and we were packing the turkey left overs up, or the fried chicken I made by sprinkling flour over the TOP of the chicken and it came out burnt in one huge massive lump, or the hot dogs and beans I served in our first year of marriage that my husband questioned, "were these slimy when you took them out of the package?  Why, yes.  I had to rinse them off" followed by him quickly spitting out his food and telling me that meant they had spoiled.  Yes, not perfect - but in a way, the unexpected, the fun memories = perfect.

Where we live, we don't have internet service.  No cable.  Nada.  And when it rains outside, our land lines for our house phone gets all crackly.  In fact, I could hear at least 3 or 4 of our other neighbors on the line while on the phone.  I couldn't ever tell who I was eaves dropping on but nonetheless, not a perfect situation.

We have since hooked up our home phone to our cell phones.  And gotten a hotspot on our phones for internet.  Not a perfect solution.  But it works.  Most of the time.  Consequently, I'm sometimes slow with email or updating the blog or fixing tech problems because we don't have the "power" to do it from home with our limited connection.  Kinda stinks most of the time.  I'm hoping someday soon the internet gods will bless our rural road with some connectivity.  Oh, how I dream....

But that lack of connection probably keeps me off the computer (off more than I should be on I guess with all the work I have to do) and keeps me hanging with my family more.

Sometimes things that don't turn out the way you expected or hoped - end up being exactly the right thing.