{Ho! Ho! Homemade!}

It's kinda nice when Christmas lasts more than just one day.  We have family here in town and elsewhere across the state and our "Christmas" lasts at least a week.  No complaints from the Peas or Sprout, for sure.

We visited with my Mom and Dad last week.  It was "Ho! Ho! Homemade Holidays!" for sure.  My parents are both in their late seventies and honestly, what the heck do you buy when truly, they either already have it or they don't want it.

I'm very blessed in that my parents take very good care of themselves.  My Mom will see some older person, shuffling along slowly, and she will lean over and say, "I don't ever want to be like that".  So my Mom and Dad, work out.  At least twice a week or more, they go to the gym and do the weight machines, walk the track, treadmill, etc.  And they don't skip for nothing!  When the peas were visiting with them, they packed them up and had them come along.  It's really important to them to keep it up and I'm so thankful for their good health at this stage of their life.

I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, homemade holidays...can't buy them anything, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So, as I do for most celebrations with them, I make something.  Here's a few of the oddities and such I gifted them this year.

  • A pillow made from my Farmhouse Funk pillow pattern.
  • A quilted wall hanging.  I added family photos to it and some other tidbits like lace, yarn, buttons, etc to it as well.  I used that computer fabric paper stuff.  THIS is what I used.  My parents really loved it.  It was pretty quick to make too!  The photos were hard copies I put on our printer and made color copies of using that printable fabric.  Could not be easier!
  • Love the stuff Joel Dewberry has out right now.  I made this little travel pouch and a patchwork scarf for my Mum too!   I won't tell you EXACTLY how old my Mom is but does she look like she is in her very late seventies?!  Heck no!!  She looks fab!

I had a bunch of other things I gave her too like a cool paper garland, some mason jars covered with a felted sweater and appliqued, and a bag...you know when you're little and you make a picture, how exciting that was to give to your parents and they would tack it up on the refrigerator?  That feeling never grows old.  I love making stuff for my parents.

Remember me talking about the meltdown Sprout had about wanting a bike at our North Pole party?  Guess what?  The grandparents came through and man, was she one tickled little girl!  She wakes up and says, "Can we go out in the ga-rawg so I can wing my bell?".  Too cute!!  She had been eyeing this old fashioned display that was in the window of our local hardware store - 2 years running now - with all the retro Radio Flyer toys.  She's been dreaming of this little red bike for a long time.

We've enjoyed our time off from school and work.  Lots of fun sewing, hiking and visiting with family and friends.  It was actually pretty warm over the holiday and we enjoyed being outside.  Love hiking over at "Daddy's park" where he is a Park Ranger.  (Note my sewing assistant taking a break - normally, while I sew, she stands behind me and twirls MY hair while she sucks her thumb.  It's a pretty good system we've worked out)

As I sit here and type this morning, the snow is flying and we are all so glad to see it!  Hope it dumps on us and stays for a long time!  Hiking in the new snow is way amazing and I miss it.  AND...We are ready to pull out the sleds and cross country skis for sure!

Did you sew up anything for the holidays?  Do share!  Would love to see what you crafted up over the holidays!