{the elves did it, I swear}

I know!  I know!

I've been waiting for days and days to see who won the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway but the elves:

a) Hid my computer

b) Changed my password

c) Downloaded an "elves only" secret site that totally crashed my whole system


...they dumped all the spices out of my cupboard, spilled my flour and made snow angels.

...they hid in my freezer and set up camp in my ice maker (I think they were homesick for the North Pole).

...went to a drive in movie.

They also unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper and pulled it all through the house, drew silly faces on all of our family pictures, pulled down my lights in the sunroom (still not happy about that one), and they went repelling off of one of my husbands deer mounts on the wall.  (thank you Blossom Bunkhouse ).

Actually, we have been super busy round here.  Family birthday get togethers, swim practice and meets, work, and to top off...I enjoyed my annual "Christmas bug" I get every year.   It never fails, right during crunch time, I get sick - a cold and a little stomach bug all rolled up in one. Yeah, my favorite too.

So, I'm a few days behind.

I had 4 fab prize packages to give away.  I'll be email the winners here shortly...but they are:

#230 - 

Kayla on  said:

Your bag is adorable! I would love to give the gift certificate to my cousin Alicia. She is just starting out sewing and I hope she catches the bug like I did.

#216 - 

Amy Belote on  said:

I’d give the store credit to my step mother in law – she’s trying to find a new hobby and handmade goodies may inspire!


Kim S. on  said:

My friend Karla recently lost her house, got pregnant (yea), and her dog got pregnant with 9 puppies. She needs a treat right now and loves to sew. Thanks for the giveaway!

We loved reading about who would gift the shop credit to - you all love your Moms, and sisters and girlfriends and grandmas a lot!  I was surprised how many of you love your Mothers-in-law...you know what they say about Mothers-in-laws.  I happen to have a very good one as well so I guess there isn't a lot of truth to that rumor...because many of you wanted to share your credit with them.

In the end, after reading all of your comments, the peas and I decided that the $20 shop credit would go to:

Lynne on  said: 

Shop credit to my best friend, busy creating memories for her three girls. Second BC diagnosis in three years, this time Stage IV.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter!

I think the peas were touched by the mention of 3 girls - just like our family.  And reminded of a dear friend of ours, a mother of 5, who is also suffering from cancer right now.  I hope this shop credit will be enjoyed by your friend - thanks Lynne for nominating her for this gift.

And thank all of you so sincerely for sharing your heart and for all of the incredibly kind words you had for those you love, appreciate, respect and admire.  Reading your words really made my heart happy to see so much love.
Our family arrives in town this week and can't wait to see them (and their adorable dogs - Tucker and Starbuck!).  AND we are having a North Pole Party this week too!!  Seriously, I followed THIS BLOG's ideas to the "t"!  I'll share more later!!