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Valentino. Couture.  High Fashion.  Envy. With all this style, doesn't this little bag remind you of a fancy dress walking the red carpet in Hollywood?

This little hottie is a tip of the hat to Valentino, the designer, himself. (and by hottie I mean the bag, but Sarah and Murray are totally hot too!)

 The Valentino boasts gentle pleats along the body and the top. Lots of room inside.  A simple snap closure or if you prefer, a basic zip closure.

Straps that are easy to construct and you can adjust the sizing to make this a shoulder bag or extend the pattern size to wear crossbody. You will be the envy of all with a cute bag like this. And if you had an uber cute Westie by your side like Murray, well, then the world would just be perfect. (he is the cutest thing ever isn't he?!) And of course, who doesn't go walking their adorable dog in their heels? I do it every. day.  (bahaha!  No.  No I don't.  Heck, I don't even have a dog.)

p.s. my giveaway is still open - come sew with me! p.p.s. one more sneak peek - the last of the new pattern releases tomorrow!

What do you think so far?