{two peas had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow}

Our county fair is next week.And the girls get an excused absence from school for the entire week to participate in fair.

They are super excited about that.  Except they aren't actually missing the entire week.  Just a couple of days.  Remember THIS from summer?  One of the peas and her sewing 4H project.  Well, the other pea decided to do a pocket pet project so she is showing her hamster at fair.

Yep, a hamster.

No, these are not hamsters.  These are sheep.  (ha!  I know that's pretty obvious but since I said "hamster" and then showed you a picture of a lamb, just to be clear, I've not lost it completely.  Yet.)

And both girls are doing the Guys and Gals lead show.  You get to dress up in a wool outfit, model while leading a lamb.  They were told if they had any hope of ever being the Lamb and Wool Queen someday for our county, they needed to participate in the sheep programs.  They promptly jumped right in.  And no, we don't have sheep.  These girls are borrowed.  Maybe next year.  They are already working on the gardener to either get them 2 lambs OR a cat.  Or at least, this is how they posed the request to him.

Wish us luck!

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