{professor peas. if you please}

You're smart.  Busy.  Creative.

You love to read.  Travel.  Listen to music on the go. And you're connected.  And savvy.  And successful.

Meet the teacher, Professor Peas.

Professor Peas is part of my fall collection of Sprouts Sewing patterns and includes 3 variations. In this pattern you get a travel case for your iPod / iPhone, a case for your e-reader, and a case for your tablet / iPad.

Each case has a double zipper.  One on top for the compartment for your device.  And a second zipper on the front to stash your cords, earbuds, Starbucks card, some lip gloss...just the essentials.

The small size gadget case boasts some adorable ruching. The medium e-reader case includes your letter applique that reads "book", of course. The large size case has a circle applique and letters so that you can personalize it with your initial.

3 sweet little gadget cases.  One smart cookie who sews these up (that's you!) Don't forget to leave an apple for the teacher. Professor Peas Gadget Cases. Class is in session.

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