{monday mornings inspiration - comfort food}

Our weather here in Ohio over this last week has certainly turned Fall like.  Cooler winds, cold evenings, and the leaves are just about gone from the trees.  We have had friends over almost everyday for lunch or dinner and that is just the way I like it.  I love having dinner ready to go so friends can pop in and sit with us and visit.

The other night I was thinking about what I had to get done over the weekend and I thought, you know what?  I don't HAVE to do anything.  I can choose to do nothing all day but cooking and visiting with family and friends and the world will not stop spinning because of it.  It's hard when you run a business especially from home to not to do "something" everyday with the business.  It's not healthy I can tell you that.  But it can be really hard to just let it sit...especially this time of year.  Everybody is prepping for Quilt Market and although we are not going, I do have new products that I need to get into distributors hands to share with shopkeepers who attend Market.

But I have to remind myself, again, all the time, that this will all be in God's time.  I can't worry about "keeping up with the Jones'" and who has what coming out, etc.  I just need to do my own thing, enjoy it.

And in thinking about adhering to some real work hours and REAL time off and spending time with friends, I've been cooking up my famous soups lately.  My friends will tell you - they love my soups.  Yes, I am totally bragging on myself but it's the truth.  I am seriously good at making soup.  They make requests all the time - it's kind of a running joke.  (also a joke, my husband laughed at my photos here - he said, "what?! you're not really going to make the soup for the picture just show ingredients!  I said, "yes" while I chomped on the carrots from the plate.  LOL!)

So, my Monday Morning's Inspiration post today is about good 'ol comfort food, Potato Soup ala Trish style.  I've had more than one friend lately ask me for my recipe which is a little tricky because, um, when I make my soups, I'm just kinda throwing stuff in as I go along.  But, here is my best attempt at sharing my potato soup recipe that my family loves.


Potatoes - I use a big stock pot and cut up about 12 - 16 potatoes into chunks

Chicken Stock - I'm lazy, I buy a box of organic chicken stock instead of making my own

Carrots, cut in slices (about 3)

Celery (I use sometimes an entire stalk, leaves and all, cut in 1/4" or so slices)

Onions (about 1 medium onion diced)

Salt and Pepper

Hot sauce



Butter (at least one whole stick)

Velvetta (yes, the evil velvetta - I do love it in soups)

Parsley - fresh if you have it or use dried

1) Pour in your chicken stock and add some additional water (about 4 cups) and start to boil your potato chunks.

2) Add to that your celery, carrots, and onion.  Let those cook until softened.

3) Use a potato masher and gently mash some of your potatoes while they are in the pot.  This just thickens the soup a bit.  Be sure you leave PLENTY of other potato chunks in your soup.

4) Melt your stick of butter and add some flour.  I usually will do about 3 tablespoons of flour give or take.  Just add one tablespoon of flour at a time and whisk making a little rue.  Then I slowly whisk that mixture into my soup.

5) Add some milk to the pot.  Typically, I add around 1 - 2 cups.  If you still need to fill up your pot, you can add more water.  I have enough veggies and liquid to fill my soup pot 3/4 full at least.  You have to or else you can't enjoy leftovers for lunch for the next week.

6) Add about 1/4 - 1/3 of a block of velvetta or to your taste (or another cheese if you are anti-velvetta).

7) Add a few dashes of hot sauce, pepper, parsley, and a few teaspoons of salt to taste.  I literally measure the salt in my hand and toss it in and keep tasting until I get it right.

8) Simmer for about 45 minutes or so stirring to keep it from sticking on the bottom.

You can sprinkle some cooked bacon over the top, green onions or shredded cheddar cheese.  We usually add some nice bread and a salad to go along with it.  It's delish!

So what have you got cooking lately?  Share a link to your blog so we can be inspired by your latest creations...be sure to link back here and you can use this button too.  I'll be picking one person using Random.org on Wednesday this week from the linky participants to receive a free class with me!  (did you see my first online sewing class was live - over there - on the right sidebar!  Check it out!)