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Sometimes, inspiration comes to you in surprising ways. When you are tired, when you are doubtful, when you are frustrated, when you are just going through the motions and not "in it to win it"...inspiration can surprise you.

And energize you.  Renew your spirit.  Refresh your heart and soul.  Make you very glad. Illuminate the face of God in the most unexpected ways.

So, my inspiration post today is different than most.  Because sometimes, inspiration can come to you in surprising ways.

A friend of mine posted this story on her facebook page this weekend: She and her husband were in the grocery store.  They were buying breakfast items for a ministry they are involved in - feeding those in need the first Sunday morning of every month.  She and her husband were talking about whether or not they should take a step back from this ministry and let others step up to serve.

They were having doubts.

They stood in line to check out with their cart full of breakfast items for the next morning and the couple in front of them noticed and commented they must be planning a big breakfast.  My friend and her husband told the couple about the ministry work they do.  The couple was so moved by what they had shared they asked if they could pay for half of the groceries.  When it came time to pay, that couple instead paid for the entire cart of groceries.  $175 worth.  Just like that.

God answers sometimes in big ways.  And inspires us to keep going.  Because what we do DOES matter to Him and to others who really need us even if we aren't really feeling "in it to win it".

I have shared this story with several friends after I heard it and even as I type this, it still brings tears to my eyes. God is SO real.  And so good.  And loves us so much. Helping others is so inspiring to me.  Giving is such in incredible gift. Know what I mean? Giving is such a blessing for the giver.  And receiver. And so this story has renewed and reenergized my soul this morning.

No cute photos.  No giveaways.  Just words.  God is real. What an inspiration.

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