{car quilt. or quilted car}

"Somebody" in my family is quilting their car. Not making a car quilt.

Or a quilt for the car.

But actually creating a quilt design ON their car.

I'd say EXACTLY who it is (cough! cough! It's a girl! cough!  It may or may not be my sister or cough! sister-in-law, cough! or niece, cough!!) because I'm not sure if she's ok with me blabbing about her car.  I mean, I think I casually said something like, "Hey, can I take a picture.....(under breath) for my blog?".  She said, YES!  So, well...so I'm sharing!  Right?!  I HAD to share this because it is TOO CUTE!!

How is she doing it?  Well, that is all very cool scrapbook paper she is using.  I think she said something about japanese prints?  She's using a punch to cut all her circles and then outdoor strength mod-podge to attach them all.  She's going to do the entire rear bumper of her car.  I think it's awesome!

I SO wish my husband would let me do this to our mini-van!