: : pattern drafting : :

One of the things I enjoy about sewing is that there has, and I imagine, there never will, come a time where I "know everything".  I learn something new about sewing all the time.  ALL THE TIME.  From spending time and talking to others who have a great deal more experience than me, like SuperNova, my neighbors mother who has been sewing for the better part of 50 years. And also, from taking classes.

This summer I took a pattern drafting course from Esther Chung (you gotta follow her blog - she is getting married and making EVERYTHING herself - she was also a semi-finalist on Project Runway!).  It's always a great thing to expand and learn new skills.

I have a pretty hefty handful of garment sketches waiting to become part of the Sprouts Sewing pattern line.  But I felt like I knew NOTHING about sewing with this class.  It was not intuitive to me.  It's so new and so many different concepts that I moved through it quite slowly.  

Learning how to take measurements and make a flat pattern and muslin.  Fittings.  Then applying that to your sketch.  I think Esther may have been ready to choke me a few times.  I asked a lot a lot a lot of questions over and over and over.  

I started with the most complicated of sketches thinking that I should take advantage of Esther's expert knowledge.  But I'm thinking that rather, I should have done something easy so that I could better grasp the concepts and make sense of it all.

My first muslin was close but certainly needs tweaking.  Everything fit but it didn't "twirl" as much as I had hoped.  And this is a women's pattern.  I think I will repeat it for tweens as well - I really love this skirt.  Note all the threads all over the floor...pretty much a constant state in my sewing room.  I really need to ditch the carpet but I hate spending money on ripping out perfectly acceptable carpet.  We will save that for another day, I guess.

Already thinking about taking the draping class with Esther...I have some ideas cooking for new patterns!