It's Sew Easy Just a quick update - Season 1 of It's Sew Easy has begun airing!  And believe it or not, in about 10 days, I'll be up in Cleveland filming a couple of segments for Season 2 already!

A lot of the segments have been posted on YouTube so if the show is not airing in your area yet, you can catch bits and pieces there.  You will also find links and projects on the It's Sew Easy website.

They also have a facebook page and I hope you'll connect with the show there as you can.

The Tie Tote I used here as an example on the show...this is a new mini-pattern that I will have out very soon priced under $6!  (Retailers - I took your advice and here is the first of the mini's you requested!).  This tote is also the bag used in my first on-line sewing class.  You can sign up for our sewing school this fall and sew along with me.  Provided will be oodles and oodles of videos showing you every single step and loads of tips plus text directions to support the videos and pattern pieces as appropriate.  I think you'll enjoy it and we are planning on doing more throughout the year so stay tuned!  (and if you have any requests - let me know!)

3 more weeks before school starts!  Everyone is excited but I'm a little sad.  5th graders?  I have two 5th graders?  How did that happen?!? And my baby, my baby is 3 years old!  I will always call them all my babies though.  We have had a great summer!  I'll be back to my "two peas desk" on a regular basis after school starts.  Just can't let summer fun pass me by with the kids - they grow too fast and I don't want to miss a moment.  With two 10 year olds, these sweet not yet teenage days, won't last forever.  I'm soaking them in as much as I possibly can.

Are you excited about back to school?  Any last hurrahs planned at your house before you say goodbye to summer?  (Or hello summer, if you are in Australia I guess, right?)