Fringed Flower {tutorial}

A quick and lovely corsage to make for Mom or Grandma this weekend to celebrate Mother's Day...

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You may remember from HERE my tutorial for this belt and I accessorized it with this fringed flower.  You can put a hair clip or pin on the fringed flower to wear in hair or wear on your clothes {heck, put both clip and pin on there so you can multi-purpose your flower!}

You'll need some fabric - fat quarters or scraps, whatever ya got.  A felt square to cut your backing.  A pin or hairclip.  Glue gun.  And some bling bling - like a cute button or faux jewel.

Start with 3 different size circles and cut about 8 circles per size.  I use everyday objects for my templates.  A cup, a ribbon spool, a bowl...stuff like that.  Just find 3 graduated sizes.  8 of each should be enough but you may want more or less depending on how full you want your flower.  I actually used only 5 for the smallest size.

Fold each circle in half.  I place one teeny tiny dot of glue in the center to hold it.  Then fold it in half again.  Add another dot of glue to hold it.  Then, make an "S" with your fabric petal - add a dot of glue at each turn towards the center point just to hold it in place.

After your petals are formed, next comes the fringe.  Snip each petal with your scissors 2/3 of the way down the petal.  Continue with your glue process and snipping until all of your petals are complete.

Next, cut a circle from your felt.  How big?  I typically cut mine about 2 1/2" - 3".  Using your glue gun, put a layer of glue on your felt circle.  Start to arrange your petals on the circle by placing them on their edge around the circle.  That will require you to hold multiple petals in place as you glue.  Make sense?  If you lay them down flat, your flower just isn't as full and fluffy.

Continue adding your petals, placing the largest ones on the bottom and working your way up until you put the smallest ones on top.  The smallest ones will actually get a dot of glue in the center of the flower and place all of those small petals with the small tips in to the center, fringed ends to the top.  Not on their side but pointed edge straight down to finish off the shape of the flower.

Add a little bling to the center to dress it up or leave it plain if you'd like.  Add a pin to the back and / or a hairclip.  And...hey there, you are now your Mom's favorite kid because YOU remembered to bring her flowers this Mother's Day!  Score!  Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous Mom's in the world!  Enjoy your special day!

xoxo, Trish {like this tutorial?  Please share - at the bottom of the post you can tweet it or share on your facebook and more!}