WIWW {what I wore wednesday}

Link up with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy for her "What I Wore Wednesday" posts...they are quite addicting.  Fun to figure out new ways to embellish and recreate outfits from what's already in your closet.  I have a small addiction to WIWW.  Never miss a post.  Here's my post - although they are collected from about the last 6 weeks worth...but whateva! Maybe I should title this What NOT to wear.  Let's start with a look at my shoes and socks options...

I love my gold flats.  {I got them on clearance for $5 and they are super soft and comfy}.  I love my knee high argyle socks.  Together, maybe not so much.  But I was in a hurry to get off to church and quite frankly, I just didn't care what my feet looked like.  I chalk this up to the "creative" side in me...my feet making a "statement".  

Now this combo...the red flats, again, clearance $6 at Payless.  Love them.  Again with the argyle.  I got a thing for argyle.  Actually, just noticed that as I type this, I have purple and gray argyle socks on.  Hmm...that's odd.  I should expand my sock patterns, huh?  This is facinating, isn't it?

At least here, I've moved on to stripes.  Now, on this particular day - not a single member of my family could find matching socks.  After the laundry was all done - they somehow all came back together but they mysteriously all became mismatched for an entire week.  {and say hello to Rosie the barn cat}

T-shirt and scarf - Old Navy Jeans - Ann Taylor LOFT (my fav store that I NEVER pay more than $20 for anything - awesome clearance finds!) Jersey cardigan - Cold Water Creek (also clearance $7!) Hair flower - made by ME!

I have a thing for hats.  And pigtails.  And braids. Hat - really old and I have no idea where I got it.  I added a pin I found for $1 to it! Sweater - Old Navy (clearance! $8)

THIS - just a shameless plug for my tutorial coming up tomorrow for this cute fabric belt! Dress - Ann Taylor LOFT Beads - Bead for Life Check out the red polka dot knee highs!

My what NOT to wear WIWW post...(giveaway winners announced tomorrow!)