Thinking Spring...{of blooms and blossoms}

I've got Spring on the brain.  Just waiting for the cold winds to go back to where they came from and some warmer air to blow through our side of the world. I had asked before about things you'd like me to write about and one of my friends asked if I'd share a tutorial about how I make all of those little blooms and blossoms embellishments.  Simple, classic, been done for decades little blooms and these?

I use these on all kinds of things and I'll share with you very soon a whole bunch of ideas on how to use these blooms and how to make them.  Start gathering some materials!

You'll need some felt (used for the backings), hook and loop tape like velcro, pin backs, hair clips, headbands, d-rings, fabric, buttons and vintage baubles, and a glue gun.  (Plus your sewing machine and needle and thread).

Now, go gather up your gear and come back next week and we'll chat over some coffee and make some cute little blooms and blossoms, ok?  Cool!  See ya then!