Birthday Giveaway - Winners!

First, THANK YOU so very much for your Birthday wishes!  It certainly made me smile!
Second, you guys rock the "random acts of kindness" - so glad to read of all the fabulous ways you reach out to others.  So inspiring!
Third, thank you for your patience!  I've been slow to post things I've promised to get out but I have a good excuse and I feel I can share a little more about it now.  I know I've mentioned that our little Sprout has had some struggles lately.  Starting after the first of the year, she was exhibiting some symptoms that were quite concerning.  They potentially still are in fact.  After an ER visit, various tests, an abnormal EEG and visits with the neurologist - it was decided that we had better get an MRI to be certain that our little Sprout did not have a brain tumor as her symptoms would lead you towards that as a possible cause.
This past Monday, we spent a day at Childrens Hospital and were so very relieved and thankful that her images were negative for any signs of tumors or lesions.  We are left with some other lingering questions and we will continue to cautiously explore but for now, our family is rejoicing in what could have been - is not.  I felt terrible for all these weeks because I would read on the internet (such a bad, bad thing to do when you have only a speck of information on a medical issue) and I would read about these kids with brain tumors.  Some good stories.  Mostly very bad.  And several things went through my mind.  One, that I would beg and plead that this would never be "our story".  Pleading that this could happen to someone else but please please please, not us.  Which made me feel terrible.  And two, I just have had such a hard time praying.  For what?  What do I pray for?  The words just didn't come - and I would just snuggle Sprout and think and hope that someday I would have the joy of rocking HER babies to sleep one day.  That her life would be full and long and that we would be together forever.  So my mind has been very distracted for months.  I have slept more this week and felt more exhausted than I have in a long time.  Funny how releasing stress can do that to you.
Diagnosis is a process and eventually we'll figure out if this a "normal" developmental thing for her which is clinically insignificant, or if there is some greater significance to it.  Time will tell and we are doing our best to advocate for her so that her development is not hindered.  We have more appointments scheduled and we have an amazing neurologist who is caring for Sprout with a conservative and watchful eye.  She is a really special little girl.  I can't begin to describe how much the FOUR of us, her sisters, father and I, absolutely adore her.  I know that God has us in His hands and is taking care of our needs and will continue to carry us through each and every day.  It took me many many many many weeks to get to a point of just trusting - I knew / I know that I can not change whatever it is and so my worrying about it only takes energy away from doing the things I should be focusing on.  A lesson I'm growing to find more comfort in...and I guess, easier said now, now that our circumstances seem more positive than negative.
So, I thank you for your patience, and your prayers.  I am so incredibly blessed to work with some shop keepers, retailers and other industry folks and all of you who have been so supportive.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate the prayers we have shared over the phone together and via email.  It has given me strength on many days when I just didn't have any.
Winners?  Oh yes!  Birthday they are! {thank you}
The Set of 6 Two Peas Sewing Patterns - Winners Choice  

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Happy Day – and many more The stash of goodies is fab I have brownies in the oven to take to the gals at the Vet’s – they are so nice and helpful We lost one of our boys Christmas eve they were awsome

Cheers Catie

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I already follow you on facebook!

Surprise package of fabrics and notions and sewing goodies #79 Kristina, on March 24, 2011 at 4:15 pm said: Edit Comment

Random act of kindness number 2 :-) Thanks for running this giveaway! It is super!

I will email each of you soon to get your birthday goodies on their way to you!  {pardon the crummy formatting - Wordpress is not cooperating today.  Hrumpf!}