Barefoot Lake Handmade - part two

From a buyers perspective:: Yesterday, Laurie from Barefoot Lake Handmade shared her experience in getting started on etsy.  I found her via our Etsy Team Columbus group who had featured her shop.  That promotion caught my attention and I then purchased this.  I mean THIS!!!

I love it!  I mean, first, I seriously LOVE this fabric from Anna Maria Horner but also, it makes me so happy to iron because my ironing board is sporting such a pretty little dress now!

I wanted to share with you from the "buyer's perspective" what I loved about Laurie and why I thought it would be great to share for others who are just getting started at selling their crafts.  She did everything right when it comes to a sale.


I had a question for her about rushing my order.  She responded very quickly and I found out that the item I wanted was in stock and ready to ship.  She said she would get it out the next day (as the mail had already gone out that day) and send it priority.  I really appreciated the quick response.


When I opened my package, it was like somebody had just sent me a gift!  I got so excited!  I know I paid for it and all but wow, she took the time to wrap it so beautifully!  Check out the big fancy bow!   It really excited me about the purchase and immediately gave me this euphoric happy feeling about what I was about to open up.  (for you as a seller, for a consumer to get that feeling - that's a great thing!)

{the extras}

Laurie included a nice printed postcard with her contact info on it and the name of her shop.  See that cute little thing up there?  That big fabric dot also wrapped so pretty?  That's "the extras"...she included a little bonus of an adorable magnet from the fabric of the ironing board cover I had purchased.  Now I was even more excited because I got a little something extra and I just loved it.

{the hook}

On the back of the postcard, she left another note that invited me to come back to her shop to check out her magnet sale - and the little extra she sent me was a sample of that item.  Guess what I did the other day?  I went back to her shop to peek because I was excited to see what the magnet sale was and what she had new in the shop.

Laurie did everything right and went above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction.  She is a great example of how to build a brand loyalty to a seller.  I'll definately be back as a shopper!

What kinds of things do you do to entice your shoppers to become loyal fans of your products?