My Top 10 List o' the day...

Quilt Market has been an amazing experience for me so far.  I don't think I can hardly put it all into words just yet because my feet are so tired and when my feet are tired, my brain fails to work very well.  Here's a few things I've noted so far:

  1.  Quilters are amazing artists.  Some of the quilts on display here look like photographs.  Done in fabric and some painting.  Truly amazing.
  2. A smile goes a long way.  So many people just come into the booth and light up and smile.  That totally makes my heart happy.  I love happy smiling people.
  3. Starbucks is not the same everywhere.  My Peppermint White Mocha from one Starbucks was great.  From another, not so great.  If you know me well, you know that I was deeply disappointed to go without my coffee today.  My Starbucks is my one luxury item I afford myself as a reward on hard working days.  I went without today.  (Cue the tiny violins.)
  4. Barb (my neighbor) and I are pretty handy with power tools.  Just sayin'. 
  5. Country girls get it done.  Afraid of nothing.  Can do attitude.  Resourceful.  Hard working.  Refer to #4. 
  6. Family is the best foundation.  My family has been the most supportive outstanding amazing team.  From helping with kids, the business and EVERY LITTLE THING we ask or don't ask for, they have been there so willingly.  I am so blessed.
  7. Friends are priceless.  From Barb who came with us and cried when we arrived to our empty booth - I love her for being so excited for me.  She made me cry.  To Patty Young, who has been a mentor to me and I'm ever so grateful for all of her help and advice.  And all of the support I've gotten from my twins club Mom friends, and friends from church, and friends from all over...Friends are priceless.
  8. Room service so you can eat chocolate cake in bed at almost midnight is sometimes necessary.  Getting it for free - even sweeter!
  9. To the lady who brought me a tiara today for a photo op with're crazy and I totally love people like you.  I swear to be normal is just too boring. 
  10. Finally, the world seems so big and then also so small sometimes.  I know it's called the INTERNATIONAL Quilt Market but I guess I just assumed it would still be mostly folks from this side of the pond.  I've met people from the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Spain, Brazil...I guess that would qualify the title of the show, "International", huh?  Very cool. 

When my feet quit hurting and my brain is fully functional, I'll be back with more about my Quilt Market experience.  If only the blog had sound...if there was any doubt we are really "working" here...I could verify with the sounds of my bunk mate snoring.  While I type.  With every light in the room on.  And the TV blaring.  That kind of working hard all day sleep is so nice.  I have that "kid on Christmas Eve can't fall asleep because I'm hoping Santa just brought me that awesome new sewing machine I really wanted and a case of new thread" syndrome.   Suppose I should try closing more than one eye and get some rest.  More soon...