Country Living Fair {swoon}

My Mom has had a subscription to the magazine Country Living since I was about as big as Sprout.  I grew up laying next to her at nap time gazing at the photos and falling asleep while she read.  Now, when I get the magazine delivered to my house - I run up to the bathroom, run a tub of hot water and read cover to cover (come on!  I'm not the only one who escapes to the bath to be alone...I do have to lock the door otherwise children will come in 20 times but seriously...there is no reading a complete sentence unless I hide out.) I do love the magazine.  My parents love antiques and I got drug every weekend to some stinking antique store, antique show, blah, blah, blah...look at this piece of furniture and the dovetail, tiger maple...yadda, yadda, yadda.  For my 16th birthday, I didn't get a car.  I got a victorian dresser.  It's now Sprouts dresser.  And I adore it.  Antiques.  And everything old, dusty, beat up and well loved.  {thank you Mom and Dad for inspiring a love of old}

This weekend was the Country Living Fair here in Columbus.  I've read about it in the magazine and it looked incredible so I was so excited when I called Aunt Carla and asked her to go with me and she said yes!  It was fabulous!

See...for my Mother, if I got a feature in Country Living magazine, it would be like winning an Academy Award.  She'd totally freak out!  I could be asked to be on Oprah and my Mom would be like..."oh, that's nice".  But get a feature in Country Living...she would be ear to ear smiling crazy happy!  (Me too!!!).  So, I was super excited to meet Sarah and pitch a few article ideas at her.  Who knows...maybe I'll get that feature someday!  I was kinda hoping for Spring...around Mother's Day actually.  A girl can dream, right?!

Anyway, the next Country Living Fair is in Atlanta, Georgia.  If you are near - it's a must go!!