{Lori lives to sew} or something like that

Lori swears she's not a "bag girl".  "Claims" she's not very good at sewing purses so she was excited to give my Madison bag a try to see if she could do it and she felt she might have some good feedback for me since it wasn't something she was experienced with.

Lori of "Love Hazel" started sewing regularly when her son was just a toddler.  Many afternoons, she would sit down with her grandmother, Hazel, and listen and learn to quilt.  I think that's one of the things I love about sewing is that it is truly a connection to our past.  A skill we pass down through generations and keepsakes we create that are treasured.

Lori has created many treasures.  She is a wonderful seamstress of all things girly.  This little dress she whipped up with no pattern - just followed a similar shirt from her daughters dress and figured it out along the way.  {ps Lori, I would like one of these, exact same fabrics, tunic style, size 8 for ME...please}.

Lori has a huge heart and is passionate about working with people who have are differently challenged (some would say disabled...but I like to just say they are differently challenged.)  Her biggest passion, aside from sewing and fabric, is being a wife and mother.  Which she does with grace and style.

Thank you Lori for helping me and testing patterns from my Sprouts line.  Visit Lori's etsy shop where you will find fabulous goodies to make your own and of course, check out her blog for delicious eye candy.

{Remember meeting Sarah B last week?  Sweet wonderful Sarah has also blogged about her adventures in pattern testing for me.  You can find her version of the Madison bag here. }

The Madison bag will be available this month...JUNE!  And I'm so excited that there are MORE MORE MORE patterns coming down the pike from our Sprout line including some home dec items.