Custom Blog or Etsy Banner

I have been taking a class in Illustrator.  Previously, I would design, draw, sketch out my stuff - be it textile designs, etc and then hire a graphic artist to digitize, colorize and do all the work for me.

It's super expensive to do that.  And I wanted to be able to play around with it all by myself.  So, I took a class at our local Art college and have fallen deeply in love.

With Art School - love designing, communications - all that stuff.  Super fun.  I already have plans for the next two quarters for more fun classes in both fashion design, pattern drafting and also more graphic design.

And I've been looking for guinea pigs (hee! hee!)

Do you have a blog or an etsy shop that you would like a banner made for it?  I love using personal photos but I'm up for trying anything.  And I'm super cheap.  I'd like to offer up a simple custom banner for you, like what is pictured here, for $15.  It will include a banner and avatar.

I will only take two orders for now so if you are interested, hurry because I'm not sure when I'll do this again!

You'll find the listing over in my etsy shop. Can't wait to work with you!  Thanks for giving me a chance to practice!