How to keep a baby somewhat clean 101

Was this a class you registered for back in college?  Yeah, me either.  It's one of those technical skill things you can't learn in a book but must experience in real life, right? this is pretty much my mess maker, Little Sprout.

I had made a bunch of cute little bibs for her to wear back in the early days.  Loved these.  They caught what little drops fell as we fed her and they were so cute.  If I do say so myself.  This one is my favorite.

But that was then and this is now.

Little Sprout can no longer make do with those little cute fabric bibs.  We've moved on to industrial strength coverage here.  Attempting to utilize everything we've learned to date from our "How to keep a baby somewhat clean 101" course.

Who can resist the new oilcloths that are out?  I fell in love with the Amy Butler LOVE collection of oilcloths but ouch!  They are pricey.  I decided I could afford a quarter yard of two different prints.  They are 54" so you get a little more which is good.

I doubled up the oilcloth so that the laminated side was exposed both front and back.  I worried that if the cotton back got stained it wouldn't stay looking nice.  I don't know if this is actually necessary though.  I didn't know much about the oilcloths but a Twitter friend shared this link with me.  I found it to be FULL of great information.

You can wash laminated cotton.  Who knew?  So I think the double up was overkill.  I mean, you could single layer the bib and throw it in the washing machine if needed.  But with the double sided, all I do is wipe and hang to dry.

Anyway, I traced an old bib and added like 15 feet of length to it.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  I mean, check out the mess this girl makes.

I made the bib wide and quite long.  It is long enough to actually lay down in her lap.  I layed the two pieces wrong sides together so the laminated cotton was facing out on both sides.  Then I made my own bias tape and sewed it on.  Added some velcro at the neck.  Done.  Super simple.

A few notes.  I found that it's sticky.  You need a teflon foot to sew with.  I used one but it was still sticky.  I found this link that suggests using painters tape.  I think that would have done the trick for sure.  I also found that it can wrinkle kind of easily so you just have to be careful with it.

I ordered mine from  They carefully packaged it, rolling it and putting bubble wrap with it so it arrived in beautiful condition.

Thinking I'd be thrifty, I did not put a pocket on it.  Did you know the pocket is great for catching things like soup and yogurt that wee ones insist on feeding themselves as it dribbles all down the front?  So bib #2 WILL have a pocket.

I might even add an extra little tie under the arms to run around the back.  Just because.   While she typically dances in her seat, shakes her head wildly and giggles a lot - her bib gets out of place.  I think an extra strap may help to keep it down without me having to constantly adjust it.

I would love to actually do a table cloth with this fabric but it's like almost $20 a yard.  Too rich for us for a tablecloth.

Have you used the laminated cottons before?  What did you make and what suggestions do you have?